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Switch your clients to VitalityHealth and they could save up to 10% 

Switching your clients to Vitality has never been easier for you and so rewarding for your clients. We have now built the switch process into Quick Quote. Depending on when your client last claimed they could get a discount when they switch of up to 10%.

Clients must be switching from a current health insurance plan with 12 months continuous cover. Their existing cover will be enhanced, or matched as closely as possible by VitalityHealth. The offer excludes health cash plans, plans with an excess over £1,000 and diagnostics only plans.

How your clients can take up this offer

Start by preparing a quote through Quick Quote by inputting your client’s existing product, hospital list and excess.

You will then be asked:

In the last three years, has your client or any other person to be insured:

  • experienced symptoms, or
  • received any advice from a healthcare professional, or
  • received treatment or have treatment planned or expected (including prescribed or over the counter medication) 

Please note: a full list of conditions that your client does not need to tell us about can be found in the terms and conditions.

If your client can answer No to this question, they will be offered an immediate 10% discount on their renewal premium. If this is not the case then they will have to answer a further question to establish a discount of between 5% - 10%. On occasion some quotes will have to be referred to underwriting to establish eligibility and discount.

Once the discount has been established you will be asked to input the existing renewal date. At this stage you can also choose to change cover options if required. The Quote will then be generated and cover can be applied for.

How switching to Vitality works

Download the flyer below to find out what questions determine if your client can switch and if so, what discount against their current renewal premium we could offer them (and if we would need to add any exclusions).
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5 reasons to switch to Vitality

To find out the reasons why you should recommend Vitality, download the flyer below.
Download the flyer

For this offer, we’ll match on the following five elements:

Closest level of excess (matching down)
Closest level of out-patient cover (matching up)
Closest level of therapies cover (matching up)
Closest hospital list 
Always match to Extended Cancer Cover as the default

Current level of cover Matching level of VitalityHealth cover
Full diagnostics + 3 consultations
Full diagnostics + £1,000 out-patient limit
No cover
No cover 
We will now be including guaranteed access to London Care for all London-based Bupa and AXA clients when they switch to Vitality. Bupa and AXA clients outside of London will be matched to the Countrywide list. Aviva Extended list clients (London only) will similarly always be matched to London Care, while for other insurers we will match cover to their current list and postcode in keeping with our guarantee to match or improve cover. 

Central London Postcodes - E, EC, N, NW, SE, SW, W and WC
Current excess Matching level of VitalityHealth cover
£100 £100 
£150 £100
£200 £100 
£250 £250
£500 £500
£1,000 £1,000
Over £1,000  £1,000 with price adjustment for reduced excess

We can’t offer comparable cover for the following products:

  • Health cash plans
  • PMI policies with an excess over £1,000
  • PMI policies with no hospital cover (e.g. Diagnostic Cover only)
  • For clients switching mid-term, we guarantee to beat their current premium.
  • For those switching at renewal, we guarantee to beat the first renewal quote offered by their current insurer.
  • We won’t include offers such as months free, negotiated discounts or free cover modules, such as Dental and Travel Cover, in the comparison.
  • We’ll base the price comparison on the quoted start date of the plan.

See our terms and conditions for more information