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The next evolution of wellbeing.

Sharing the benefits of healthy living is at the centre of what we do, and our research shows that incentives are a positive force for change when it comes to influencing behaviour and motivating people to make healthier choices. 

Each year we strive to evolve the Vitality Programme so that we can bring to life our shared-value approach to insurance by delivering more value to our members, whilst also benefiting you - our advisers - and us as the insurer, thereby creating a healthier society overall.

That's why we're bringing real personalisation to the Vitality Programme and introducing new partners and enhancements in 2022, so that together we can give your clients more ways to get active, with more Active Rewards which act as further incentives to ultimately drive positive behaviour change.

Your guide to Launch 2021.

Hear from Vitality CEO, Neville Koopowitz on the next evolution of wellbeing, as well as gaining further insight into - Next Best Action - the latest evolution of Shared Value Insurance.

Also, find out more on the latest partners being introduced to the Vitality Programme, including PureGym and Peloton.

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The future of personalised health. Now.

Helping your clients to live longer in good health. 

Next Best Action is our new approach which uses our data science capabilities and expertise in understanding individual health risks, to provide your clients with the one action that would have the biggest impact on their future health. The new initiative works by:
  • Predicting the most important action that is likely to have the most significant improvement your client's health and long-term health span
  • Recommending a personalised journey with tailored support through newly created pathways
  • Incentivising them to take action, through added Vitality points and Status Boosts.
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New partners and enhancements - launching in 2022.

Through the Vitality Programme, we are continuing to reward your clients for making better life choices and taking steps to be healthier.

1. We’ve supercharged our Gym Benefit with the introduction of PureGym.
2. As an alternative to our gym benefit, your clients now have access to cutting-edge home workout hardware with Peloton*.
3. Your clients will soon be able to get up to £10 per week off healthy food through Mindful Chef**. Plus, they can now choose between a handcrafted drink or an innocent smoothie at Caffè Nero.
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Puregym peloton mindful chef

Try our Savings Tool.

With this interactive tool, you can demonstrate to your clients how much they could save when they make the most of the Healthy Living Programme.

We’ve partnered with a range of great brands. So whether their goal is to move more, eat better, stress less or make a change, there’s sure to be something for your clients. 
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Savings Tool

Our latest enhancements explained: Training opportunities for you.

Your dedicated Vitality Business Consultant is on hand to provide training and support. 

  • Vitality Academy Training

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  • Watch on-demand

    Missed our online event? It is now available on our Vitality Adviser YouTube channel.

Important information

*Available for members with a health or life insurance plan with Vitality Plus. All-Access Peloton Membership required in order to earn points and cashback. Members must purchase a Peloton device via Member Zone. One Peloton benefit available per family per lifetime of the plan. Cashback is earned over a period of 36 months, based on the number of workouts completed each month. Members will start earning cashback from the second full calendar month, which will be paid in the third full calendar month. Only one workout per day will count towards the number of workouts completed each month. Only workouts by the member who activated the benefit will contribute to cashback.
**Partner details subject to change.