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Insights Report.

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The changing face of healthcare

In our first ever Health Claims Insights Report, we explore how private medical insurance is evolving and demonstrate how our model is playing a key role in the transformation of the health insurance market.

The report explores lifestyle behaviour and the role of prevention in health insurance, the growth in primary care services, engagement with digital healthcare journeys and more. 

Prevention is better than claim 

88% of preventable disease in the UK is lifestyle-related
Incentivising healthy lifestyle choices in a way that positively impacts lives and helps to prevent claims carries significant benefits.

Use of primary care services has grown exponentially 

43% of our health claims activity is for primary care
Vitality pioneered the introduction of digital primary care pathways for health insurance through the launch of Vitality GP in 2015, since then, several key trends have emerged.

Engagement with digital healthcare journeys is at record levels

Over 100,000 digital consultations conducted in 2021
The pandemic has brought with it widespread innovation within digital healthcare. Care requests, claims journeys and appointment bookings are all taking place online at record levels.

The UK is facing a growing mental health challenge 

We have seen a five-fold increase in Talking Therapy usage per-member from 2015 to 2021
The mental health challenges of the pandemic only continued during 2021 and this was reflected within our data. This is supported by findings of the NHS who reported a record high of over four million mental health referrals in 2021*.

The demand for physiotherapy is increasing 

26% increase in physiotherapy claimants in 2021
Physiotherapy claims have, in line with other primary care services, continued to increase. 60% of physiotherapy claims are now going through a digital triage journey delivered by our partner Ascenti.

Cancer care is advancing 

1 in 4 cancer claimants in 2021, were under the age of 50
As well as access to the latest forms of therapy and surgery, health insurance has expanded to provide end-to-end support to people – from prevention through to diagnostics and post-treatment care.

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*Record 4.3 million referrals to specialist mental health services in 2021, The Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2022