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Our business leaders share their views on the latest news and industry trends in the investment market.

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  • ESG explored: What's on the horizon for ESG regulation?

    In light of the FCA’s recent discussion paper on Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR), financial advisers need to get ready for new rules, writes Prema Sohun, Technical Marketing Manager for VitalityInvest.
  • Roy Allaway: "Clients buy into it and get really involved"

    We spoke to protection adviser Roy Allaway about how he ensures his clients get the most out of Vitality and how he also benefits as a result.
  • "Cancer is never easy... but my health insurance makes it easier"

    During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we sat down with Georgie and her mum Kim to hear about how her private medical insurance (PMI) plan not only helped her discover her diagnosis at a surprisingly young age, it has allowed her enough flexibility to still do the things that she loves.
  • Positioning clients' portfolios for a recovery

    With most client portfolios down – in some cases significantly – over the past 6 weeks, advisers are encouraging them to stay the course and avoid crystallising losses.
  • Ready and waiting to help

    Despite the current situation we're fully operational and continuing to deliver our usual service.
  • The perils of trying to time the market

    Over the past three weeks, stock markets across the world have fallen sharply as investors panicked over the potential impact of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, on the world economy.
  • Why we're calm, despite market volatility

    Dynamic Planner share their views on the response of global markets to the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
  • Responding to market volatility

    Given the current volatility, John Stopford and Jason Borbora-Sheen, portfolio managers of the Vitality Investec Multi-Asset Income Fund (“the Fund”), explain their intentions for navigating the Fund through an uncertain and rapidly evolving situation.
  • Will markets ultimately prove resilient to the 'three shocks'?

    Markets are facing three significant threats. How they respond depends on which of three potential scenarios materialise.
  • Budget 2020: In review

    Martin O’Gorman, Pensions and Risk Specialist at VitalityInvest, assesses the key changes that were announced in the March Budget.
  • The trend towards outsourced portfolio management

    Advisers are facing a number of challenges, from increasing regulatory pressure to the changing needs of clients and an ever-expanding range of investment options.
  • business man walking in the city

    Our new Global Multi-Manager fund range, in partnership with SEI

    Made up of five ready-made, risk-profiled investment portfolios, they use SEI's institutional expertise to bring an innovative solution to your clients’ portfolios.
  • Introducing plans with Healthy Fee Saver

    Our plans with Healthy Fee Saver help your clients access more value from year one and give them real financial benefits when they make positive lifestyle choices.
  • Relaxing on the beach

    Enhancements to the Vitality Programme for VitalityInvest

    At Vitality, we review our Vitality Programme at least once a year to make sure we give our members benefits that are rewarding, relevant and accessible.
  • Two years on, a proven fund strategy

    As we continue to build strong credentials in the investment market, the two-year anniversary of our low-cost multi-asset VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser (VIRO) fund range represents an important milestone.
  • NHS and the pensions 'crisis'

    Our pension specialist, Martin O'Gorman, looks at the impact of the 2006 Pensions Simplification legislation has on the NHS pension scheme.
  • Saving your clients' retirement plans

    Why consumers misunderstand how much they should save and how we can change mindsets.
  • Take your business to the next step

    With advisers facing a host of challenges from increased regulation to pressure on fee structures, we look at ways to help you grow your business and how you can work with us to do so.
  • The importance of the ‘expression of wishes’

    Why the ‘expression of wishes’ should be an important part of the annual review process for pension investors.
  • Advising on the 100-year life

    How we can meet the health and wealth challenges of a society that is living longer.
  • How does technology help an adviser's business

    Financial advice is becoming increasingly digitised and streamlined so it’s never been more important for advisers to have access to leading edge technology to manage new and existing clients.
  • The changing face of pensions reform

    Our pension specialist, Martin O'Gorman, looks at the impact of Pensions Freedom following the release of the latest set of statistics by HM Revenue & Customs.
  • Investing in consumer trust

    Value and performance are crucial in financial services, but so is reputation and loyalty.
  • Attracting young investors

    Justin Taurog, VitalityInvest Deputy CEO, discusses how capturing the market for Millennials is the holy grail of financial services.
  • Balancing Act

    Jason Borbora-Sheen, co-manager of the Vitality Investec Multi-Asset Income Fund, discusses how he navigates the current uncertainty and maintains a sense of balance within the portfolio.
  • How to access structured deposits

    At a time when stock and bond markets are fraught with risk, structured products are an option worth considering. So we've takene a look at the advantages of accessing structured products through a fund.
  • Why it’s time to reconsider structured products

    Structured products have long divided opinion: while some view them as potentially risky and complex, others recognise them as important tools for investors seeking capital protection and more predictable returns.
  • The pensions savings gap

    On 6 November 2018 the state pension age for both men and women in the UK was equalised for the very first time at age 65. Originally set at 65 for men and 60 for women, the gradual increase in retirement age for women means that women who turn 65 on 6 November will be the first to have to wait for as long as men to qualify for their pension.
  • The Budget: more than meets the eye

    Current UK pensions regulation creates a discrepancy in the way that tax relief is granted on contributions. For people earning below the tax-free personal allowance, their net contribution will vary depending on whether their occupational scheme is a ‘net pay’ or a ‘relief at source’ scheme. The changes in the October budget have compounded this difference.
  • Encourage retirement savings by giving clients a ‘booster’

    Pensions minister Guy Opperman, has promised that there will be a ‘substantial’ parliamentary bill in next year’s Queen’s Speech that will act as a ‘roadmap’ for the long- term future of private pensions.
  • What does Amazon Prime have to do with investments?

    VitalityInvest has designed its product range with investors’ outcomes in mind. Through our unique product features, we encourage people to adopt more effective savings habits.
  • Make sure your client and their loved one gets the perfect gift this Christmas...

    Choosing the right type of plan is vital in ensuring any inheritance tax liability is covered when a client makes a gift to another, but this can be confusing for financial advisers. Using two case studies, Vitality tax expert Kim Jarvis explains how it should be done.
  • It's time to defuse the pensions time bomb

    We’ve reached a potentially critical point in the debate on pensions: research shows that younger employees are not currently saving enough for their retirement… and don’t appear to be too bothered about the future.
  • Helping savers to live longer, healthier, more financially secure lives

    Drewberry Wealth Director Tom Conner looks at how an aging population can affect the approach to retirement investment advice
  • The future of drawdown

    The FCA has set out its proposals for changes affecting the non-advised sale of drawdown products. These proposals give important insight into the FCA’s thinking, and suggest some possible implications for the market for advised products too.
  • Saving 2.0

    We’re all living longer – half the future generation born after 2036 is expected to live to 100. But despite more of us saving for our retirement, and from a younger age, there’s still a lot of work to do if we want our time in retirement to be both financially and physically healthy – the ‘Holy Grail’ of life after work.
  • Healthy ageing

    The ultimate outcome for later life involves having both financial security and the good health to enjoy an active, fulfilling retirement. VitalityInvest is built on an incentive-based concept that can help your clients meet both of these goals.
  • Helping savers to live longer, healthier, more financially secure lives

    Rather than indulging today, isn’t it time we began taking a longer-term approach to our money and wellbeing? We believe we may have the solution.
  • Can we create additional value in long-term savings?

    People are saving less for retirement and living longer. Will their savings be able to last their lifetime?