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Five reasons to consolidate with VitalityInvest.

Amongst all the change and uncertainty during the Covid-19 pandemic, clients have understandably worried about their pensions and investments. They may have seen their portfolios fall or perhaps experienced a change in job leaving their pension behind. System and service levels may have come under strain with some clients even struggling to reach their provider during troubling times. With this backdrop in mind, consolidation could now be more important than ever. 

At VitalityInvest, we understand that choosing a provider to consolidate assets must be right for your client and right for you. That’s why we offer a solution that’s more rewarding for everyone. 

  1. Offer the lowest product charges in the market – zero.

    We apply no product charge on the amount above £250,000 for all investors, helping you manage consolidations effectively and reduce charges for your more established clients. What’s more, product charges on plans with Healthy Fee Saver, start as low as 0.25% p.a. and with our Healthy Living Discount, when your clients take steps to be healthy, improve their Vitality status and invest in Vitality funds, they could even enjoy zero product charges across their whole plan.

  2. Bring health and longevity to your financial planning.
    Now more than ever, it’s not just about financial security in retirement – it’s about having the good health to enjoy it. With this client concern in mind, offer your clients a unique solution. We understand the importance of keeping active and staying healthy in the lead up to and during retirement. That’s why, our Vitality Programme is at the heart of all our plans, helping your clients take steps to be healthier and rewarding them for it.

  3. Ready-made investment solutions built for your advice process.
    In partnership with three world-leading fund managers, we offer ready-made investment solutions which offer comfort for consolidated assets by managing these to a defined risk profile. What’s more, managing large pots is made easier with our robust governance helping to take the burden of asset manager due diligence away from you.

  4. Save time with cutting-edge technology and support.
    Our fast and secure Adviser Hub, built from the ground up with no legacy constraints, helps transfer multiple pots easily, with technology built around paperless processing and an automated transfer service with no need for wet signatures on Origo transfers. Our interactive dashboards also help you view your clients’ portfolio and transactions at the same time. Bringing everything together in one place is made even easier with a dedicated UK-based consultant ready to help via video conference or phone, and same-day response commitment for queries received before 4pm.

  5. Have peace of mind with our expertise and experience.
    Our unique approach to investments allows your clients to consolidate with a provider that is forward thinking and innovative. Based on incentivising positive behavioural change, we can deliver economic and health benefits that are good for your clients, good for you, good for us and good for society. We call this shared value. It’s already helped us reshape the UK life and health insurance market. We’ve now brought that expertise to investing.

    To find our more please speak to your business consultant.

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