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Business Healthcare

Switch your Business Healthcare clients to VitalityHealth 

They could save up to 10% on their initial renewal premium

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Have you read our 'Healthy Hybrid: A Blueprint for Business' report yet?

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Does your Business Healthcare clients’ cover give their employees award winning protection, a full cover promise as well as access to the most comprehensive wellness programme in the industry?
Switching your Business Healthcare clients with 2-9 employees to Vitality has never been easier for you and so rewarding for your clients, as we have now built the switch process into Quick Quote. This will allow your Business Healthcare clients to get access to all the benefits of Vitality health insurance at a better price.

Clients must be switching from a current health insurance plan with 12 months continuous cover. Their existing cover will be enhanced, or matched as closely as possible by VitalityHealth. 

Why Vitality health insurance is positively different

  • Full Cover Promise

    We’re the health insurer that promises to pay all in-patient and day-patient consultant and anaesthetist fees, as long as the treatment is eligible on your clients’ plan and your their consultant is recognised by us.

  • Fast access to a GP

    We’re the health insurer that offers virtual GP services as part of Core Cover, meaning your clients’ employees get help when they need it, in the evenings and on Saturdays so it doesn’t interfere with their working hours.

  • Treatment based on care not cost

    We’re the health insurer that offers doctor-led open referrals that give your clients’ employees the right expert based only on their needs, symptoms and medical history.

  • Rewards for healthy living

    We’re the health insurer that gives your clients’ employees something back when you they get active and track their activity, meaning you can  benefit without having to claim.

How switching to Vitality works

Download the flyer below to find out the five main reasons why your clients should switch to Vitality, and how the process works.
Download the flyer

Return on Investment Tool.

Our Return on Investment Tool uses our insights from Britain's Healthiest Workplace and the Vitality Programme to estimate the impact that different employee risk factors has on a business.

The calculator shows the positive effect the Vitality Programme could have on workplace productivity, job satisfaction and overall health of employees. In just 5 minutes you’ll understand the health and wellbeing initiatives most likely to improve business results and see comparisons to similar companies in the industry.
Use the tool

A fast and simple way to load your Business Healthcare plans for clients with 2 to 249 employees.

Business Healthcare Online Apply

If you have Business Healthcare clients with 2 to 249 employees, you can use our dedicated adviser tool Business Healthcare Online Apply to quickly and seamlessly load applications using Quick Quote. 

Learn about all the key features and how to complete an application in three easy steps.
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Frequently asked questions

Can I add new members (not on the existing renewal) to a Switch & Save quotation?

Yes! The Switch & Save pricing will be based on the renewal membership. However, you can add new members (not on the renewal terms) when requesting a quotation, up to a maximum of 9 employees in total.

Can I move a scheme to Vitality ‘mid-term’?

To be eligible, a scheme can only move at its planned renewal date. In addition, a scheme must have been with the current insurer on the same underwriting basis for at least 12 months (i.e. so you are able to obtain current and renewal premium details).

Can I obtain a Switch & Save price on all schemes?

Business Healthcare Switch & Save pricing is only available on existing UK group Private Medical Insurance Healthcare schemes with 2 – 9 employees covered (principal lives), who:
1. are able to sign the standard Continued Personal Medical Exclusions (CPME) Group Secretary declaration (or declarations have been made and no exclusions were added by the Vitality Underwriting team), and
2. Vitality is able to offer comparable cover or is prepared to offer an alternative (see “Will I always be able to match to the competitors cover?” below,). and
3. are not subject to a fixed pricing deal or price cap.

The Quick Quote system will help an Adviser match to comparable cover and determine if a discount can be offered on a case by case basis. A discount against the current insurer’s renewal will not be offered on every scheme.

Can I vary the cover options that Vitality match to?

Once you have received a formal quotation with the matched benefits, you are able to request requotes in the normal way to reflect any cover benefit changes required (for example the plan is matched at £100 excess, but the customer now requires a £250 excess).

Can the Quick Quote system generate a formal quotation?

Yes. If a Switch & Save price can be offered, you can generate a formal quotation in real time using Quick Quote. All quotes generated can be saved and then downloaded to send to your customer.

Can you tell me the potential Switch & Save discounts that could be offered without using Quick Quote?

Each case is individually assessed, based on the information provided about each scheme. Therefore, it is not possible to confirm a Switch & Save discount without using the Quick Quote system. It is important to note that a discount will not always be offered.

Does Switch & Save replace CPME (Switch) pricing?

No, Switch & Save pricing is an alternative to our standard CPME price. CPME pricing is based on our standard rates, whereas Switch & Save is based on a discount against the holding insurer’s renewal pricing. It is advisable that you obtain a CPME quotation first, as in some scenarios this will be lower than the Switch & Save price.

How do I apply for cover?

Once you are in receipt of the formal quotation, you can proceed to application stage using the standard Employer Application form, available on our website. A copy of the renewal terms (including any revised terms if applicable) and evidence of the cover benefits per member must be provided with every application so the details entered into Quick Quote can be verified (this information is generally found on the renewal invite). If requested, you must also be able to provide the current years renewal terms.

I have been offered a discount on a standard CPME quotation, will this be applied to the Switch & Save quotation?

Since CPME and Switch & Save are different pricing approaches, any discount offered on a standard CPME quotation is not transferable on a Switch & Save price.

If two advisers are active on a scheme, and one requests a Switch & Save quote, will you provide the same quote to the other Adviser?

A Switch & Save quotation will only be provided to the Adviser / Direct Sale Agent that enters the required information into Quick Quote. If a competing Adviser / Direct Sales Agent wishes to obtain a Switch & Save quotation, they must request this via Quick Quote by entering the required information. Assuming the same information is input, the same price will be offered.

If different information is provided by two or more Advisers, any application received will require full verification of current, initial and any revised renewal using insurer documentation. If any information is incorrect, the quotation will be withdrawn and therefore it is essential that all information input into Quick Quote is accurate.

Should Vitality identify an Adviser who is consistently entering incorrect information to present more favourable pricing to potential customers, the Switch & Save option may be withdrawn from them.

Once I have generated a Switch & Save quotation, what happens if the holding insurer revises their renewal terms?

It is essential that you correctly enter into Quick Quote the initial renewal price offered and then any revised renewal terms. Quick Quote will determine on a case by case basis if a competitor’s renewal price change will result in a revised Vitality Switch & Save price.

Once I have generated a Switch & Save quotation, what happens if the membership increases to 10+ members?

Switch & Save is only available to schemes with 9 members including virgin members being added at this renewal. If the membership increases to 10 members or above, you will need to request a proactive priced quote.

The existing scheme has different benefits for different members, can I still obtain a Switch & Save quotation?

Quick Quote is able to handle up to two different employee groups (categories) with different benefit selections.

The product my client is on is not on Quick Quote. How do I get it added?

Please email your Vitality representative who will be able to refer this to the relevant department for consideration.

What information do I need to obtain a Switch Save quotation from Quick Quote?

You will need to have full details of the cover benefits of the existing plan, the current and renewal premiums, and knowledge of any membership changes during the last year.

If you have already done a CPME quotation, Quick Quote will use this quote number to obtain a Switch & Save quotation. If not, you will need to enter membership information into Quick Quote.

Whilst the Vitality Switch & Save price is below the schemes renewal price, another competitor is offering a lower price. Will you drop your Switch & Save price?

Whilst there will be occasions where lower premiums are available, Vitality would always look to account for the value of the unique Vitality benefits and may not look to match or beat all providers in all instances. These features include Vitality GP, Full Cover Promise, Employer Cashback, and the Vitality Programme. Speak to your Vitality Representative if you wish to discuss pricing on any particular scheme.

Will I always be able to match to the competitors cover?

Where Vitality offers a comparable benefit, you will be informed of the matched benefits. In some instances, Vitality will not offer a particular competitor’s feature. However, Vitality may adjust the competitor renewal price used for the Vitality Switch & Save price to take account of removing this benefit. For example, Vitality do not offer a 6-week wait option, but the Switch & Save terms can still be offered by revising the renewal premium to remove this feature. In some situations, Vitality will not be able to offer a match and therefore Switch & Save terms will not be available.

More information

  • New Business Healthcare company schemes with a minimum of two insured employees and a maximum of nine (9) insured employees.
  • Scheme has been insured for at least 12 months (at the point or renewal) on the same underwriting and are switching all lives on the active company private medical insurance.
  • Can only switch at their existing renewal date and have no more than two categories of cover, including hospital list.
  • Must provide evidence of their current premium, current membership, renewal premium, renewal membership and cover benefits of their existing PMI policy.
  • Group Secretary is able to complete the standard 2-9 Switch Declaration or you have referred disclosure to the Vitality Commercial underwriting team and they have confirmed we are able to accept the switch without exclusions.
View our terms and conditions for more information.
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