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Mental Health Support

Included in our Core Cover

Giving mental health support to all our members

With Vitality’s comprehensive Core Cover, all our members have access tomental health support which provides quick access and early intervention, focusing on mindfulness to promote better mental wellbeing. 
Our Core Cover includes: 
  • The Vitality Programme
  • Vitality Healthy Mind
  • Togetherall and 8 sessions of Talking Therapies.

We also offer your clients even more. In addition to Core Cover, they have the option to add on our Mental Health Cover benefit to their plan.

Jonny's Story

"I had everything I'd ever wanted, but I was the unhappiest I'd ever been"

Vitality Ambassador, Jonny Wilkinson, shares his own personal challenges around mental health, addressing the fine line between feeling well and feeling overwhelmed.
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Did you know?

A study by Oxford University (2018) showed that one month of online mindfulness practice produced, on average, a 58% reduction in anxiety and a 40% reduction in stress levels – it also drove on average a 57% reduction in depression.

What's included in our Core Cover?

There is an interconnectivity between physical and mental health and how healthier behaviours can be linked to better mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

The Vitality Programme leverages compelling partners and rewards to incentivise members to engage in healthier lifestyle behaviours.

The Vitality Programme helps members understand their health, get healthier through our partners and finally, be rewarded from engaging in healthier behaviour.

Vitality Partners

Understand your Health Get Healthier Be Rewarded
Vitality Healthcheck
Bluecrest Screening
Virgin Active
Nuffield Health
Virgin Active
Runners Need
Nike with Vitality
Waitrose & Partners – Good Health products
Allen Carr’s Easyway
Vitality Healthy Mind

Vitality American Express Credit Card
ODEON and Vue
Rakuten TV
Caffè Nero
Apple Watch
Amazon Prime
Mr & Mrs Smith

By promoting healthier lifestyle behaviours the Vitality Programme can support better mental health and has had significant success in enabling these positive changes.

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Vitality Healthy Mind seeks to expand the Vitality Programme’s preventative and behavioural approach to health promotion into the mental health and well-being sphere, and focuses on the application of mindfulness to promote better mental well-being.

Vitality Healthy Mind allows members to earn Vitality points for engaging in mindfulness activities as well as a discount on leading mindfulness app, Headspace.

Vitality makes mindfulness accessible

Earn Vitality points   Be rewarded
Vitality members can access a 12 month subscription with leading mindfulness app Headspace, available on us.  By completing 10 or more minutes of mindful activity, members can earn 2 Vitality points a day, up to a maximum of 6 Vitality points a week - using Headspace.  The points members earn will count towards improving their Vitality status.

By improving their Vitality status, individuals can live a happier and healthier life by enjoying discounts with our range of wellness partners.

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Core Cover provides full access to the online Togetherall service that provides an anonymous forum for people experiencing mental health issues to reach out and receive support from peers and qualified professionals.

Evidence from Togetherall shows

  • 33% reduction in GP appointments as a result of using the service
  • 25% of members say they have taken less time off work since joining Togetherall
  • 78% of members shared an issue or feeling for the first time on Togetherall
  • 77% of people who used Togetherall following discharge from mental health treatment found it helped them
Source: Togetherall 2020

When a member experiences a mental health issue, we provide them with fast access to professional treatment and support through our Talking Therapies network.

Talking Therapies is a highly effective treatment for a range of conditions - most commonly anxiety and depression. Vitality focus on providing quick access to treatment when members need it, reducing the likelihood of them developing more severe mental health issues. This is evidenced by the fact that 99% of members using the Talking Therapies benefit did not go on to require further out-patient or in-patient treatment.

Key Features:

  • Eight sessions available to all members (on Personal, Business and Corporate Healthcare plans).
  • Treatment including counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and more.
  • In-person or remote treatment sessions provided.
  • The Talking Therapies network comprises over 1,000 counsellors, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists and psychologists around the UK, and covers a broad range of treatments.
  • Self-referred (no need to see a GP before calling us).
  • Clinically led triage process with a mental health practitioner to recommend appropriate treatment.
Source: Guide to Vitality's approach to mental health, 2022

Did you know?

Healthy Mind has seen significant engagement, demonstrating its relevance and appeal.

Since its launch in August 2018, over 67,000 Vitality members have used the Vitality Healthy Mind benefit and have logged over 1.9m mindfulness sessions.

Figures correct as at May 2022.

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Our Mental Health Cover option provides for a broad range of conditions, ranging from those associated with stress, anxiety and depression.
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