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With our compelling product, your existing client bank and our support, you can realise the healthcare opportunity in your business.

Why Private Health Insurance?

Private Health Insurance helps protect good health.

From individual plans to corporate products, Vitality's Private Health Insurance can provide your customers with fast, stress-free access to high-quality medical facilities and the very latest treatments at a time and place that suits them.

It also plays an equally important role in helping fund the cost of early diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions – anything from a few sessions of physiotherapy to complex major heart surgery or the latest in chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

Why Vitality?

  • Choice of hospital

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    Easy access to a nationwide network as well as the freedom for your clients to choose where and when they are treated.

  • Drugs and treatment

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    Access to a wider range of drugs and treatments, including those which might not yet be approved for use or paid for by the NHS.

  • Fast access to quality care

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    With our Consultant Select treatment pathway, 98% of members see a consultant within 10 days (Vitality Data, 2018)

  • Hospital quality and cleanliness

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    Access to a nationwide network of private hospitals, all with extremely high standards of hygiene and patient care.

  • No waiting list

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    Private Health Insurance removes the uncertainty of NHS waiting lists by providing your clients with access to the very best in medical care, at a time and place that suits them.

  • Privacy

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    Clients receive the comfort and privacy of their own room - eliminating concerns about shared wards.

  • Virtual GP Consultations

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    On average, individuals now face a 13 day wait to see an NHS GP*. We offer Vitality GP as core to all members giving them access to one-on-one video consultations within 48 hours. (*Vitality Data, 2018).

Why Private Medical Insurance?

Most people want peace of mind when it comes to their health. Help your clients understand how Private Medical Insurance works and the benefits it provides in our new short video.

Brokers not currently writing Private Healthcare are often put off by some common misconceptions...


"There is limited demand in my client bank"

Many people cite their health or the health of their family as their number one priority. Whilst the NHS can provide excellent health provision, it is generally accepted it faces a number of funding and demand related pressures. 

By combining award-winning Private Health Insurance with the world's largest incentive based wellness programme, Vitality offers a solution that has wider appeal than traditional Private Health Insurance..

Learn more about the Vitality Programme

“It appears a complex marketplace to enter"

Any new product area can appear complex when you take your first steps. VitalityHealth have a long track record of working with brokers that are completely new to Healthcare and have built considerable experience and tools to help you.

Explore our range of tools and literature library.

“It’s not as rewarding as advising on other product areas”

It’s true that other products can pay higher rates of commission, however, when you look at the income earned for the time spent writing each Healthcare plan, it can compare very favourably with other product lines. We also have commission options suitable for “New to Health” advisers.

Get in touch to learn more about our commission model.

Why Sell VitalityHealth?

Concealed in the client bank of many advisers is an enormous health care opportunity. 
We make it easier to get started selling health, with a large range of tools and support available to you.

Learn how you can grow your business selling VitalityHealth and how we can help you do so in our short video.

Useful Literature

  • VitalityHealth for individuals and businesses

    Learn how individual and group customers benefit from VitalityHealth Private Health Insurance.

  • Private Healthcare infographic

    Download the Private Healthcare infographic.

  • Why Private Healthcare Guide

    Find more information on Private Healthcare in our comprehensive sales aid.

More Information

Learn more about the Vitality difference and get all  the information and tools you need to make your first sale.
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