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Introduction to Propensity Modelling

Historically, demand for Private Health Insurance grows as people get older, reaching a peak in the 45 to 60 age group. However, it is becoming more popular among younger clients as they consider the potential implications for a NHS under greater financial pressure.
Association of British Insurers, 2014

 To help you sell more, we provide you with valuable insights like the above so you can identify target customers and the most suitable products.

VitalityHealth appeals to a wider audience than other more conventional health insurers. We have profiled our members to understand which groups of individuals buy VitalityHealth plans and split these into four key groups. Each group has clear characteristics, are interested in different parts of our product and respond to different types of communications.

 We break down each category and give suggestions on Vitality inclusions that are best suited to highlight and sell.  

young city based professionals

Young City-Based Professionals

Who? Young professionals building their careers whose incomes have good potential to rise.

The Vitality Sweet Spot – They may not have current health concerns but understand the need to protect themselves for the future. With access to discounts and rewards from big brands that they relate to, Vitality can provide them with great value without having to claim.

Better Care – Vitality GP, Consultant Select, Talking Therapies

Better Health - Apple Watch, Gym network, Amazon Prime and Healthy Mind

Young Non-Metropolitans

Young Non Metropolitans

Who? High income families with growing children who are making excellent financial progress.

The Vitality Sweet Spot - Their loved ones health is important to them, as is ensuring they all live a healthy lifestyle. As their families grow they want the peace of mind that, should the worst happen, they and their families will have fast access to quality care. They also want to receive value from their health insurance without the need to claim.

Better Care – Parent Accommodation, Vitality GP, Childbirth Cash Benefit

Better Care - Waitrose, Cinema and Apple Watch



Who? Affluent families with the high incomes, expensive homes and many assets.

The Vitality Sweet Spot - The importance of their loved ones health and ensuring they all live a healthy lifestyle. As they and their families get older they may experience a greater need to access care and want the peace of mind that they and their families will have fast access to quality care.

Better Care – London Care, Vitality GP, Full Cover Promise, Vitality Care

Better Health – Disney, Apple Watch, Champneys, Waitrose and Mr & Mrs Smith

Approaching retirement

Approaching Retirement

Who? Older individuals or couples enjoying a comfortable retirement.

The Vitality Sweet Spot - They value fast access to high quality care. As your clients are getting older and are likely to spend longer in retirement they want to know that they have fast access to high quality care when they need it. They no longer have dependent children and would like to enjoy their retirement to the full.

Vitality provides them with access to the quality care they need when they need it so that they can recover and spend time doing more of the things that they enjoy.

Better Care – London Care, Advanced Cancer Cover and Full Cover Promise

Better Health – Waitrose, Cinema and Champneys

Switch and Save

Switching your clients to Vitality has never been easier for you and so rewarding for your clients. Depending on when your client last claimed they could get a discount when they switch of up to 10% for Personal Healthcare clients and up to 15% for Business Healthcare clients.

Find out more about switching your Personal Healthcare clients

Find out more about switching your Business Healthcare clients

Tools and Support

We make it easy for you to create a new and profitable revenue stream with tools and support to guide you every step of the way.

  • Marketing Literature & Toolkit

    We provide you with a comprehensive marketing toolkit to guide you through VitaityHealth products and the pre and post sales journey.

  • Learning & Development

    The Vitality Academy is our investment in you, to enhance your knowledge and enable you to provide expert advice on our products.

  • UK-based Servicing

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    We understand the importance of you and your clients having access to fast and comprehensive advice. That is why all our servicing teams are based right here in the UK.

  • Unrivalled Support

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    We have over 150 field-based Business Consultants, offering training and support across our range of Health, Life and Investment products. All supported by a team of Health Specialists, dedicated and experienced in helping new advisers into the Private Health Insurance market.

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    Switching your clients to Vitality has never been easier for you, or so rewarding for your clients as they could get a switch discount of up to 10%.