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Business Healthcare

Vitality Essentials

Helping your clients’ employees to live a happier and healthier life
Vitality Essentials is a whole of workforce health and well being product, which expands the reach of the Vitality Programme to the employees of new and existing Business Healthcare schemes who are not covered by Private Medical Insurance, at no additional cost.
This product helps your clients to promote better health and wellbeing across their whole workforce, driving higher employee engagement, enhanced productivity, and better business performance - delivering Shared-Value for their business and their employees. 

The employee health and productivity opportunity 

  • £81 billion – amount of lost productivity to UK businesses each year as a result of employee ill-health
  • 1 in 10 employers offer Private Medical Insurance to their whole workforce
  • 25 days productivity gap between healthy and unhealthy employees.
Source: Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2017 and Vitality data 2018
At Vitality we understand the importance of employee health and well being to your Business Healthcare clients’ performance and productivity. That's why the Vitality Programme - which is proven to drive better employee health and well being outcomes - is embedded with all our Business Healthcare PMI schemes. Here are the key features of Vitality Essentials:

Up to four virtual GP consultations per employee, per plan year, through Vitality GP
40% gym discount at Virgin Active, Nuffield Health or David Lloyd. A joining fee will apply
Up to 40% discount on devices through Garmin, Polar and Withings. P&P charges may apply
Vitality online Health Review and Vitality Healthcheck access
Access to an Employee Assistance Programme, when this has been selected as part of Private Medical Insurance
Vitality VIP to incentivise engagement 
Vitality Essentials provides access to a number of key aspects of our wider Vitality Programme, which we know to be important in driving better employee health outcomes.

1 – Understand their health 
Primary care, Employee Assistance Programme and health assessment services

2 – Get healthier
Access to discounts for a healthy lifestyle

3 – Be rewarded 
Incentives to engage with the Vitality Programme

Enhanced data and reporting - available on all employees rather than just on the insured portion, producing more appropriate and relevant data which can be used to track employee health and engagement, and tailor a workplace health strategy.

Employee health and productivity – our research shows that employees who engage with Vitality have better health, productivity and performance outcomes, meaning that broadening the reach of Vitality to all employees drives benefits for businesses.

Diagnostics and early intervention – access to Vitality GP not only allows quicker access to treatment, but also can drive reduced absence, with employees not needing to take time off work to visit an NHS GP. Online Health Review and Vitality Healthcheck services also raise awareness of health issues prompting individuals to make changes to their lifestyle behaviours, and allowing early intervention.

Attracting and retaining employees – Private Medical Insurance is often only offered to part of the workforce. Vitality Essentials allows your clients to offer an affordable and attractive benefit to your full employee population.

Vitality At Work support – the Vitality At Work team will support your clients to engage their entire employee population with the benefits available.

Business Healthcare clients with <10 insured employees: not eligible
Business Healthcare clients with 10+ insured employees: your clients will be eligible for their uninsured employees to have Vitality Essentials provided their total number of employees is no more than three times the number of insured employees.

Schemes taking out Vitality Essentials must include their whole uninsured workforce – all employees will therefore be covered by either PMI or Essentials

Useful literature 

To find out more about how Vitality Essentials works, and the benefits it could bring to your clients, download the sales aid below. 
Download the sales aid

What you need to know

To submit a Vitality Essentials new joiner request, you will need to fill out the Vitality Essentials form (which can also be downloaded from the Employer Zone or the Adviser Hub), and send it to

Frequently asked questions

Can I change an employees cover from Vitality PMI to Vitality Essentials

No, we do not allow downgrades from Vitality PMI to Vitality Essentials.

Can Vitality GPs refer employees for treatment?

Unlike Vitality PMI members, employees covered by Vitality Essentials cannot at present be referred by a Vitality GP for onward tests or treatment. They can, however, benefit from fast access to a GP consultation, wellness advice from their Vitality GP, and access to any prescriptions they require (on a self-pay basis). 

Does my clients' whole workforce need to be included on either Vitality PMI or Vitality Essentials?

Yes, Vitality Essentials is designed as a product to cover your clients’ whole workforce. For details on the number of employees required to be covered on Vitality PMI for the remainder to be eligible for Essentials. 

How do I add Essentials to my clients' business' scheme?

To add Essentials to your clients scheme, you’ll need to fill in this form and send it to While Essentials is provided at no additional cost for eligible employers, it is not included as standard and therefore needs to be added. 

What benefits do employees on Vitality Essentials have access to?

Employees covered by Vitality Essentials can access benefits including 40% off gym membership with Vitality gym partners (a joining fee will apply), up to 40% off Garmin, Polar and Withings devices and a six-month Digital + Studio Plan with WW. In addition, these employees have access to the Vitality Age online Health Review, an annual Vitality Healthcheck (at a charge of £15), up to four consultations through Vitality GP per plan year, and support through an Employee Assistance Programme, if this is included as part of the Business Healthcare plan. Full details of the benefits available to employees are available to them on the Vitality Member Zone. 

What reporting does Vitality Essentials provide on my clients' employees' health?

Vitality Essentials allows us to report on all your clients’ employees’ Vitality engagement. Your clients will be provided with one report in two sections – one on your clients’ employees covered by PMI, and one on your clients’ employees covered by Vitality Essentials. 

Will employees covered by Vitality Essentials be able to earn Vitality points?

Yes, employees will be able to earn points and achieve a Vitality status in the same way as members of PMI schemes. However, not all elements of the Vitality Programme are included.

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