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Think our younger members benefit most from wearable technology? Think again

By Andrew McCurrie, Actuary and Director of Technical Marketing at Vitality

Published: 04/08/2021
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Vitality’s Shared Value Insurance model, combined with Apple Watch, dramatically increases physical activity levels across demographics and life stages.

The Vitality Programme provides the structure, guidance and incentives necessary to people to overcome their behavioural biases and bring about positive lifestyle change. Central to the programme’s success have been advancements in technology, particularly around wearable devices, which presents us with a key opportunity to link verified physical activity to rewards.

With over 135,000 Apple Watches provided to members to date, our unique Apple Watch benefit, leverages behavioural incentives, technology, and a unique loss-framed model to drive engagement.

The results of this benefit are quite fascinating. Which age group to do think has the biggest change in behaviour after taking out the Apple Watch Benefit? If you think it is our younger members you would be incorrect, it is actually our members who are older than 60!

On average, members older than 60 are 23% more physically active after selecting the Apple Watch Benefit compared to our under 30s who are still an impressive 20% more active*.

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Age is definitely just a number.

Find out more about the benefits of wearable technology for your clients.

*Vitality membership data comparing the number of active days per month before and after selecting the Apple Watch Benefit

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