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COVER Wellbeing 360 Summit: Assessing the value of 'value-added services'

Published: 01/04/2022

Vitality’s Nick Telfer recently sat down with adviser Matthew Chapman and COVER editor John Brazier to weigh up the additional value available within protection propositions these days.

At the recent COVER Wellbeing 360 Summit, Vitality’s Head of Protection Specialists, Nick Telfer, was invited to share his views on the hot industry topic of ‘value-added services’, an issue he explored in depth in this article.

Given the shared-value approach of the VitalityLife proposition - which incentivises healthy behaviour in a way that improves health and wellbeing outcomes and benefits clients, the insurer and society as a whole – Nick naturally had some strong views on the subject.

Also drawing upon the expertise of Plus Protect's Matthew Chapman, the conversation evaluated what’s possible when it comes to delivering tangible value to clients – not just at the point of claim. It also explored the increasingly important role of prevention in protection today and how propositions are evolving to keep clients engaged and deliver additional touch points to advisers.
COVER Wellbeing 360 Summit

Assessing the value in VAS

In this session, Matthew Chapman, Senior Protection Expert, Plus Financial Group, Nick Telfer, Head of Protection Specialists at Vitality and John Brazier, Editor, COVER, discuss ‘Assessing the value in VAS’ and weigh up the actual additional value available within protection propositions these days.
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