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Andrew McCurrie: 'Don't underestimate the value clients place on their health'

By Andrew McCurrie, Actuary and Director of Technical Marketing at Vitality

Published: 06/12/2021

How much would your client pay to understand the one lifestyle change they could make that will most improve their future health?

While I may not know your answer, recent research conducted by Vitality in collaboration with UCLA, found that one in three individuals were prepared to pay for this information - and they were happy to spend £45 (on average) for this insight alone1.

What is more powerful is that by being supported to make this single change, individuals can significantly extend the portion of their life that they spend in good health.

For example, a healthy 30-year-old can expect to live for 12 additional years in good health compared to an unhealthy 30 year-old2.


In addition to providing members with valuable information about their future health (which research shows they are prepared to pay for), we ensure our members are empowered to change their health for the better. This can add years of good health, while also being rewarded with incentives such as lower insurance premiums and significant financial rewards alongside decreased risk of a claim3.

Health and wellness isn’t just a nice to have, the Vitality Programme is proving it is a powerful enabler and mechanism to create value for clients, advisers as well as us as a provider.

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1. Survey conducted on 5000 participants by Vitality in conjunction with UCLA.
2. Maximising quality of life: A primer on healthspan and lifespan available at
3. A 40-year-old who starts doing just one physical activity session per week reduces their risk of being hospitalised in the next year by 13%. For a 60-year-old, this same change in behaviour corresponds to a 40% reduction in the likelihood on them submitting an in-hospital claim. Based on risk of a member claiming in-hospital over the next 12 months using causal inference. A Bayesian Network was used for causal inference and the expected impact of changes in lifestyle behaviours estimated using do-calculus. Models were built on Vitality Life and Health customer data between 2016 and 2020.