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VitalityInvest Blended fund range

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A range of five ready-made, risk-profiled funds that blend actively managed and index-tracking strategies

Each fund is managed to maintain an equal weighting between the VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser funds (VIRO), our multi-asset funds made up of index tracking strategies, and the VitalityInvest Global Multi-Manager funds, our manager-of-manager funds, that correspond to the specified risk profile.

The funds aim to achieve long-term growth, while remaining broadly within their risk rating. Dynamic Planner independently reviews the asset allocations each quarter, to ensure that the funds continue to meet your clients’ risk preferences.
Blended fund range

Alternatively, use our model portfolio functionality to create blended portfolios with different weightings of our VIRO and Global Multi-Manager funds.

The funds

Series F funds are available through VitalityInvest plans with Healthy Fee Saver.
Series B funds are available through VitalityInvest plans with Healthy Fee Saver and Boosters.

Name Aim Ongoing charges Fund fact sheet SID

VitalityInvest Blended 3

Funds aim to deliver long- term returns while remaining broadly within their specified risk profiles. They invest in a wide range of global assets through a blend of actively managed and index-tracking strategies.

F Series: 0.50%

Download Download
B Series: 0.65% Download Download

VitalityInvest Blended 4

F Series: 0.52%

B Series: 0.67% Download Download

VitalityInvest Blended 5

F Series: 0.55%

B Series: 0.70%
Download Download

VitalityInvest Blended 6

F Series: 0.57%

B Series: 0.72% Download Download

VitalityInvest Blended 7

F Series: 0.60%

B Series: 0.75% Download Download

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