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Introducing the
EnVIRO fund range.

Helping clients invest in a more sustainable future.

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Explore our new range of five ready-made ESG focused funds.

The EnVIRO fund range is our range of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) focused funds that enables you to seamlessly integrate ESG into your existing advice process, while offering your clients a simple way to invest in a more sustainable future.

Each of the funds within the EnVIRO range is built using underlying index-tracking funds and is designed to optimise long-term returns while focusing on sustainable outcomes. With Dynamic Planner Gold Standard risk ratings, the funds can cater for a wide variety of risk profiles. This gives you certainty that the asset allocation is in line with your clients’ preferences, coupled with the ease and convenience that ready-made solutions offer. The funds also feature ongoing governance at their core, helping to take care of time consuming due diligence for you. It’s the same rigorous framework that’s successfully governed our VIRO fund range for over three years.

EnVIRO funds graphic

Asset allocation as at 30 September 2021. Source VitalityInvest

Three reasons to choose the EnVIRO fund range.

  • Investments for a sustainable future.

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    We offer your clients a cost-effective way to achieve sustainable outcomes. We aim to exclude companies that do harm and, where possible, select those with        above-average sustainable outcomes. We also review the holdings and approach on an            on-going basis.

  • We meet Gold standard

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    We integrate ESG easily into your existing advice process, with     ready-made solutions to fit your clients’ risk profiles. Asset allocation is reviewed through daily monitoring and dynamic rebalancing, to meet Dynamic Planner's Gold Standard risk-targeting.

  • Established governance framework.

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    We’ve applied the same rigorous approach that’s governed the Vitality fund range for over three years. This helps reduce the burden of having to carry out complex asset allocation reviews, assessment of ESG criteria and due diligence, giving you time to focus on client needs.

ESG Explored: A practical guide for financial advisers.

In our new CPD video series, ESG Explored, we tackle the big questions on financial advisers’ minds when it comes to integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) funds into their advice process.

You can access the series via the Vitality Academy, or on the Vitality Adviser YouTube channel.

EnVIRO fund range Toolkit.

In this toolkit, you can easily access everything you’ll need to talk to your clients about our EnVIRO fund range. We’ve highlighted the most popular resources in yellow, and you can find a list of the others below. You'll find other toolkits throughout our website.

Customer brochure - EnVIRO fund range

Working towards a more sustainable future.

We take pride in being a force for good. At the very foundation of our business is a powerful core purpose: to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives. 

Our unique approach to investments - based on incentivising positive behaviour - can deliver economic and health benefits that are good for your clients, good for you, good for us and good for both society and the environment. We call this Shared Value.

Through our Shared Value Model, we can offer a unique approach to investing that brings together wellness and financial planning. So not only can we help your clients enjoy healthier and more financially secure lives, we can now help them to invest in a more sustainable future. 
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Investing sustainably across our other investment solutions.

We ensure ESG principles are a key part of our investment partners’ philosophy. 

  • Our investment partner Vanguard believes sustainable investing starts with the premise that index funds can hold a company’s stock in perpetuity. With such a long-term horizon, Vanguard focuses on how companies are set up for success in a more sustainable world. 

  • Our investment partner SEI Investments (SEI) integrates ESG factors into the manager research process, through their proprietary ESG ranking system. This forms the basis of SEI's decision to hire managers that align to their ESG principles.

  • Our investment partner Ninety One aims to help investors make a positive difference to people and the planet while delivering long-term investment returns. They do this through a robust and comprehensive integration of sustainability considerations into their strategies.

The funds

Name Aim Ongoing charges Fund fact sheet SID

VitalityInvest ESG Risk Optimiser 3

ESG focused, risk optimised, multi-asset funds investing in index-tracking strategies. Gold standard risk ratings by Dynamic Planner.

F Series: 0.35%

Download Download
B Series: 0.50% Download Download

VitalityInvest ESG Risk Optimiser 4

F Series: 0.38%

B Series: 0.53% Download Download

VitalityInvest ESG Risk Optimiser 5

F Series: 0.42%

B Series: 0.57%
Download Download

VitalityInvest ESG Risk Optimiser 6

F Series: 0.46%

B Series: 0.61% Download Download

VitalityInvest ESG Risk Optimiser 7

F Series: 0.50%

B Series: 0.65% Download Download

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