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VitalityInvest Global Multi-Manager fund range

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Five ready-made, risk-profiled multi-manager funds offered in partnership with SEI Investments (SEI), one of the world’s largest manager-of-managers

Our range uses SEI's institutional expertise to bring an innovative solution to your clients’ portfolios. Each fund is diversified across up to six asset classes, 20 sub-asset classes and up to 70 investment strategies from some of the world’s leading managers.

Each aims to achieve long-term growth, while remaining broadly within their risk rating in line with Dynamic Planner’s scale. The asset allocations are independently reviewed by Dynamic Planner each quarter to ensure that the funds continue to meet your clients’ risk preferences.

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The fund range offers five key benefits to you and your clients

1. Access to best-in-class investment managers globally including institutional managers and boutique firms not commonly available to retail investors.

2. Up to 70 unique investment strategies each is a customised mandate carefully allocated to a manager with the right skill set, built into an optimised portfolio.

3. A specialist approach to active management by managing diverse, uncorrelated sources of returns across sectors, securities, managers and styles; proven by a track record of long-term outperformance.

4. Real-time risk management combines proprietary and third-party tools with the transparency of investment mandates, enabling portfolio monitoring at all levels.

5. Value through institutional buying power ensuring competitive pricing with a single all-in fund charge.

The funds

Series F funds are available through VitalityInvest plans with Healthy Fee Saver.
Series B funds are available through VitalityInvest plans with Healthy Fee Saver and Boosters.

Name Aim Ongoing charges Fund fact sheet SID

VitalityInvest Global Multi-Manager 3

Funds aim to deliver long-term returns by investing across a range of fund managers and asset classes. The funds are actively managed while remaining broadly within their specified risk profiles.

F Series: 0.70%

Download Download
B Series: 0.85% Download Download

VitalityInvest Global Multi-Manager 4

F Series: 0.75%

B Series: 0.90% Download Download

VitalityInvest Global Multi-Manager 5

F Series: 0.80%

B Series: 0.95%
Download Download

VitalityInvest Global Multi-Manager 6

F Series: 0.85%

B Series: 1.00% Download Download

VitalityInvest Global Multi-Manager 7

F Series: 0.90%

B Series: 1.05% Download Download

SEI - an experienced team with global reach

SEI is an award-winning asset manager with unparalleled expertise in investment manager selection, asset allocation and risk management. SEI’s global teams have decades of experience and use cutting-edge technology and research, which are leveraged in the design of our portfolio.
  • 8 offices worldwide
  • 115+ investment professionals
  • £257 billion AUM1
  • 7.6k advisers work with SEI globally

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*Source: SEI, figures correct as of 30 September 2020
1Calculated by SEI on 30 September 2020 with an exchange rate of 1 USD to 0.77765 GBP