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VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser funds

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A range of five funds, each carefully managed to optimise long-term returns, while remaining within their set target risk profile.

Key features of the funds

  • Lower cost multi-asset exposure

Offering diversified and liquid exposure through index tracking investments across asset classes and geographies

  • Gold Standard risk targeting

Asset allocation is set and managed continuously through daily monitoring and dynamic rebalancing to meet Dynamic Planner’s target risk profiles

  • Managed asset allocation

Systematic portfolio construction with quarterly reviews of strategic asset allocation to take account of changing market conditions

  • Peace of mind

Ongoing risk targeting ensures each fund maintains a constant risk level regardless of market conditions.

Who is it for?

The funds could be appropriate for a range of client needs, and is aimed at clients seeking:

  • a fund that is managed to stay within their risk appetite
  • a liquid and diversified fund with exposure to multiple asset classes
  • to achieve these objectives at lower cost
  • a core building block in a portfolio to be complemented by other fund types or strategies
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How the fund range aims to deliver on its objectives

1. Setting the strategic asset allocation

The asset allocation is managed to maintain each fund’s risk level within Dynamic Planner’s target risk profiles. The target risk profiles reflect Dynamic Planner’s view of long-term expected returns and volatility for each asset class. Their approach is dynamic with reviews at least quarterly. The reviews combine quantitative analysis with qualitative views from their investment committee.

2. Selecting appropriate investments

We continuously review the investment options available to ensure that the asset allocation is met in an efficient and cost-effective way. The VIRO funds are invested in Vanguard index-tracking funds which provide diversification and liquidity at a low cost.

3. Dynamic rebalancing

The asset allocation is monitored daily and rebalanced within a narrow tolerance band to ensure that the fund’s risk level remains strictly within its target risk profile.

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Why we partner with Dynamic Planner

We’ve chosen Dynamic Planner (previously known as Distribution Technology) as our asset allocation provider due to their strong experience, market credentials and a convincing track-record.

Dynamic Planner demonstrate robust governance, including the key role played by their investment committee in scrutinising the outputs from portfolio optimisations, and overlaying the judgement of experienced investment professionals on top of the results of detailed mathematical modelling.

Where to next?

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  • Risk Optimiser funds

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