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  • Lifetime allowance

    The Lifetime Allowance came into force in 2006 as part of the A-Day tax regime. It seeks to limit the amount of pension savings over an individual’s lifetime that can benefit from tax relief.
  • Junior ISA basics

    Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISAs) are long-term, tax-free savings accounts for children. JISAs let you save and invest on behalf of a child under 18.
  • Tapered annual allowance

    From 6 April 2016 a tapered annual allowance was introduced so that individuals with income above £150,000 have their standard annual allowance reduced on a tapered basis
  • Money purchase annual allowance

    From the 2015/16 tax year, individuals who have flexibly accessed a money purchase arrangement will, in certain circumstances, trigger a money purchase annual allowance.
  • ISAs on death

    ISAs have a number of tax advantages, in this note we take a look at the extent to which ISAs are tax exempt in the administration of an estate.
  • ISA qualifying investments

    We take a look at the investments that can be placed inside a stocks and shares ISA, as well as an overview of some investments that cannot be placed in ISAs.
  • ISA basics

    An ISA is a great way to save for the long-term and protect any profits or interest earned from tax. For investors, returns from ISA savings are free of UK income tax and capital gains tax.
  • ISAs additional permitted subscriptions

    In 2014, it was announced that an ISA could be inherited by a surviving spouse or civil partner, this effectively is an increased ISA allowance and is known as the additional permitted subscription.
  • Benefit crystallisation


    UK Legislation specifies certain occasions when a scheme administrator must check whether the pension benefits arising at that point exceed a member’s available lifetime allowance.
  • Annual allowance

    Introduced in April 2006, the annual allowance is the maximum amount of tax relievable pension savings that can be made by, or on behalf of, an individual each year.