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Vitality Programme

When your clients invest with us, they get automatic access to our
Vitality Programme at no extra cost.

The Vitality Programme helps clients take steps towards a healthier future - and rewards them with partner discounts and real financial benefits.

How it works

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    When your clients open any VitalityInvest plan, they automatically get access to Vitality Select - a version of our Vitality Programme.

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    By doing things like staying active and tracking steps, your clients earn Vitality points, to build their Vitality status. The more points your clients earn, the higher their Vitality status - Bronze, Silver, Gold and ultimately Platinum.

  • 3

    When clients engage in the Vitality Programme and improve their Vitality status we charge them less to invest, with product charges as low as zero when they achieve Platinum status.

Here’s how your clients could get to Silver:

  • Complete an online Health Review – 100 points
  • Do 10 minutes of mindful activity a day - 2 points
  • Take a Vitality Healthcheck and be in the Green Zone for all four checks – 480 points
  • Declare themselves as a non-smoker online – 100 points
  • Have a dental check-up – 100 points
  • Visit the optometrist for an eye test – 100 points

Just doing an online Health Review, declaring they're a non-smoker and taking a Vitality Healthcheck could earn your clients up to 880 points – enough to get them to Silver status straightaway.

To help make it easier for your clients to maintain their status as they get older, we’ll give them other ways to earn points, such as keeping their vaccinations up to date and having regular health checks tailored to later life.

Getting to Gold, and then Platinum, is also easier than you think

Just walk 12,500 steps, four times a week - for example, taking the dog out, walking instead of catching the bus or going for a lunchtime stroll every day.

Explore VitalityInvest partners and rewards

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  8. Travel

The value of investments – and the income from them – can go down as well as up, meaning you may get back less than you invest.

This isn’t intended as a personal recommendation to invest in a particular product. Your clients’ investments should be based on their unique circumstances, attitude to risk and investment goals, and should be regularly assessed.

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