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Why Whole of Life Cover?

Whole of Life Cover provides on-going protection for the entirety of your client’s life. Provided your clients continue to pay their premiums until the end of their plan and the claim is valid, Whole of Life Cover will pay out a lump sum when they pass away. This allows your client to ensure they leave something behind for their loved ones.

An important part of helping your clients’ plan their future is to help them understand what they’re able to leave behind. When your client has the appropriate level of cover in place, their Whole of Life Cover can be used to insure against any inheritance tax your client’s family may have to pay on their estate.

If your client has no inheritance tax to pay on an estate, the lump sum could help their family in other ways for instance, it could help towards funeral costs and other immediate expenses. Lots of people want to leave something for their family to enjoy.

So, the lump sum could just be a gift for your client’s loved ones. Their children could use it to pay off their mortgage – or put it towards the cost of their grandchildren’s education.
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About Whole of Life Cover

Your clients can increase their cover as their needs change. If, for example, inheritance tax rules change or your client’s estate goes up in value, they can increase their cover without having to give us any more information about their health.

When your clients add Optimiser to their plan, they’ll get access to the Platinum rate of their monthly premiums then, when they engage in The Vitality Programme, they’ll have the opportunity to keep their monthly premiums low.

Additional options available with Whole of Life cover

We have different cover options for your clients to choose from, so they can decide how their future premiums will change.

Premium Step: Offers your clients an upfront discount and certainty of future price changes with an annual 2.5% fixed premium change. Plus, they can still enjoy an upfront starting premium discount of up to 40%, depending on age

LifestyleCare Cover: A unique benefit that allows members to add an additional cover to their Whole of Life plan that pays out in the event of a diagnosis of a later life condition, to help cover costs of care.

Top reasons to recommend Whole of Life Cover

1. Peace of mind: We ensure your client has protection in place for as long as their policy lasts. There’s no minimum term, so your client has the certainty of knowing they’ll provide some financial security for their loved ones, when they pass away.

2. Cover against inheritance tax: Your clients can use their cover to insure against any inheritance tax which their family might be expected to pay on their estate. This means your clients family won’t have to face any unexpected costs at such an uncertain time in their lives.

3. Flexibility to increase cover anytime: Our 5-star Defaqto rated cover lets your clients increase their cover as their needs change - for example, if inheritance tax rules change, your client has children or they increase their mortgage - without having to provide more information about your health.

4. Access to our Platinum rate upfront: When Optimiser is included on your clients Whole of Life Cover, they’ll get access to our most preferential rate, on the assumption that they will make positive health choices - we call this the Platinum rate.

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