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Introduction to LifestyleCare Cover

As your client gets older, the likelihood of them becoming ill as a result of later life conditions increases. This includes conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia and stroke.

That’s why we give your clients the ability to add LifestyleCare Cover to their Whole of Life Cover, giving them the option to receive some or all of their money earlier if they need support looking after themselves in later life.

LifestyleCare Cover Protector

They can also choose to select Optional LifestyleCare Cover Protector, which tops your clients cover back up if they needed to make a claim under LifestyleCare Cover. We have two types of LifestyleCare Cover Protector for your client to choose from:

  • Level 1 tops up their cover if they receive a 20% payout from their LifestyleCare Cover
  • Level 1 and 2 makes sure that, even if they need to claim all of their LifestyleCare Cover, the total amount of cover they chose when they took out their plan will be available in full when they die.

The benefits of LifestyleCare Cover

  • Take some of the pressure off your clients family and friends
  • Your client can choose the support services that are right for them
  • Protect your client's home, and any savings they’ve got.

Key facts you need to know

Minimum Term Only available with Whole of Life Cover
Minimum initial amount £10,000                
Maximum initial amount Lower of:
  • 100% of Whole of Life cover amount; and
  • £250,000
Maximum entry age next birthday 17
Maximum entry age next birthday 75
 Important disclosures
  • If your client stops paying premiums, their cover stops too
  • Your client’s plan does not have any cash value at any time
  • We may cancel your client’s plan if they act fraudulently in any way
  • If there is a change in law it may affect how we calculate your client’s premiums

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