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Whole of Life Cover

LifestyleCare Cover

Introduction to LifestyleCare Cover

As your client gets older, the likelihood of them becoming ill as a result of later life conditions increases. This includes conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia and stroke.

That’s why we give your clients the ability to add LifestyleCare Cover to their Whole of Life Cover, giving them the option to receive some or all of their money earlier if they need support looking after themselves in later life.

LifestyleCare Cover Protector :

They can also choose to select Optional LifestyleCare Cover Protector, which tops your clients cover back up if they needed to make a claim under LifestyleCare Cover. We have two types of LifestyleCare Cover Protector for your client to choose from: 

- Level 1 tops up their cover if they receive a 20% payout from their LifestyleCare Cover
- Level 1 and 2 makes sure that, even if they need to claim all of their LifestyleCare Cover, the total amount of cover they chose when they took out their plan will be available in full when they die.

The benefits of LifestyleCare Cover

  • Take some of the pressure off your clients family and friends
  • Your client can choose the support services that are right for them
  • Protect your client's home, and any savings they’ve got

The key facts you need to know about LifestyleCare Cover:

Minimum term Only available with Whole of Life Cover
Minimum initial amount £10,000
Maximum initial amount
Lower of:
  • 100% of Whole of Life cover amount; and
  • £250,000
 Minimum entry age next birthday 17
Maximum entry age next birthday 75
Important disclosures
  • If your client stops paying premiums, their cover stops too
  • Your client’s plan does not have any cash value at any time
  • We may cancel your client’s plan if they act fraudulently in any way
  • If there is a change in law it may affect how we calculate your client’s premiums

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Lifestyle Care Cover FAQs

We’ll cover your client if, for whatever reason, they’re no longer able to look after themselves. And to determine whether they’re able to or not, a doctor will look at six Activities of Daily Living and we’ll pay out 100% of their LifestyleCare Cover if they can’t do any three of these six.

Degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and dementia can develop over many years. However, even at the early stages, your client may need to make adjustments to their lifestyle. So, if your client is living with one of these conditions and it’s affecting them in all of the following ways, we’ll pay out 20% of their LifestyleCare Cover.

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia – if they’re unable to remember or understand things that used to be familiar to them
Parkinson’s disease – if they develop tremors that mean they can’t get around easily. We don’t cover Parkinson’s disease if it’s secondary to drug abuse

If their condition deteriorates and their doctor confirms that they’re no longer able to look after themselves, then we’ll pay the remaining amount of LifestyleCare Cover.
We do not offer LifestyleCare Cover on joint life plans.
Yes, if your client chooses Indexation, both the Whole of Life Cover and LifestyleCare Cover amounts will increase with inflation.
When your clients take out LifestyleCare Cover, they can add LifestyleCare Cover Protector for an additional monthly premium. If they add LifestyleCare Cover Protector, we’ll top their cover back up if they need to claim under LifestyleCare Cover. They can choose from two levels of cover, LifestyleCare Cover Protector (level one) and LifestyleCare Cover Protector (level one and two):

• LifestyleCare Cover Protector (level one) tops up your client’s cover if they receive a 20% payout from their LifestyleCare Cover
• LifestyleCare Cover Protector (level one and two) tops up your client’s cover if their LifestyleCare Cover is paid out in full. This means their Whole of Life Cover will be available in full when they die.
Yes, your client can have their Whole of Life Cover with LifestyleCare Cover written in trust.
If your client has written their plan in trust, their beneficiaries will receive the benefit payout on their death. In order for the payout not to be assessable for inheritance tax in your client’s estate, the plan needs to meet certain legal requirements.
For the LifestyleCare Cover to meet these requirements, the benefit needs to be structured in a way that means either:

• The payout for LifestyleCare Cover does not reduce the Whole of Life Cover; or
• The payout for LifestyleCare Cover reduces the amount of Whole of Life Cover to £0.

If your client selects the LifestyleCare Cover Protector (level 1 and 2) their plan will meet these requirements. If the LifestyleCare Cover Protector (level 1) is selected the plan will only meet these requirements
If we pay out a client’s entire LifestyleCare Cover amount, then the LifestyleCare Cover part of their plan will end. Your client will pay a lower premium and continue to be covered with their remaining Whole of Life Cover, which we’ll pay out on death or diagnosis of a terminal illness. If, however, they’d had LifestyleCare Cover Protector in place, the amount would be topped back up, depending on the option they chose.
Yes, Optimiser is available with Lifestyle Care Cover. If your client adds Optimiser to their plan, they could receive an upfront discount and by taking steps to improve their health, they can keep their premiums low.
Payments of benefits from this plan, including LifestyleCare Cover, may affect your client’s entitlement to receive means-tested benefits from the government or their local authority.