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Mortgage Protection

All the benefits of Life Cover, plus extra cover for illness or injury.

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Mortgage Plus Plan

We offer your clients more with our Mortgage Plus Plan, giving them Life Cover with a monthly incapacity benefit included. Making it as easy as possible for your clients to protect their mortgage, all in one place.

Most clients will take out life cover to protect their mortgage in the event of death, but it’s not the only thing that can put their home at risk. They’re up to 26 times more likely to be incapacitated and off work for more than six months, than they are to die before the age of 65. That’s why we’ve developed the Mortgage Plus Plan, which provides all of the protection of typical life cover, but with extra cover for severe illness or injury. If clients are unable to work because of an illness we cover they’ll get up to 24 monthly payments, designed to help you pay their mortgage, bills and maintain their current lifestyle.

The Mortgage Plus Plan comprises of:

  • Mortgage Life Cover
  • Mortgage Incapacity Cover 
  • Mortgage Free Cover

Additional options:

  • Serious Illness Cover for Mortgages
  • Optional Serious Illness Cover for Children
  • Waiver of Premium on Incapacity 
  • Guaranteed Insurability Options
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Premium comparison tool

Compare the cost on our Term and Whole of Life Plans with our premium comparison tool.


Mortgage Plus Plan comparison

Would you like to: Typical life insurance policy Mortgage Plus Plan
Pay off or reduce your mortgage if you die or if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. ✔ Mortgage Life Cover
Keep up with your mortgage payments for up to 24 months while you recover from an illness or injury that stops you working. ✔ Mortgage Incapacity Cover
Stay healthy with built-in healthy rewards. ✔ Mortgage Plus Plan
Mortgage Plus Plan optional extras
Pay off or reduce your mortgage if you're diagnosed with a serious illness. ✔ Serious Illness Cover for Mortgages
Have the flexibility to care for a seriously ill child without worrying about your mortgage. ✔ Optional Serious Illness Cover for Children
Get your premiums paid for you if an illness or injury means you can't go to work ✔ Waiver of Premium on Capacity
Get an upfront discount on your premiums. ✔ Vitality Optimiser
The opportunity to control your premiums each year. ✔ Vitality Optimiser
Access to a great range of rewards and savings. ✔ Vitality Optimiser
The opportunity to earn cashback each year too. ✔ Vitality Optimiser

The main facts you need to know about the Mortgage Plus Plan with VitalityLife

  Mortgage Life Cover Mortgage Incapacity Cover
Maximum payment period Lump sum if die while covered Up to 24 monthly payments
Min entry age next birthday 17 17
Max entry age next birthday 65 65
Maximum expiry age 70 70
Min term Five years Five years
Max term 50 years 50 years
Min cover £50,000
£250 per month
Max cover £20,000,000
Lower of:
  • £2,000
  • Equivalent monthly mortgage instalment*
 Important disclosures
  •  If your client stops paying premiums, their cover stops too
  • Your client’s plan does not have any cash value at any time
  • We may cancel your client’s plan if they:
    • Make any untrue statements to us, or
    • Act fraudulently in any other way
  • If there are government law changes it may affect how we calculate your clients premiums
*The ‘Maximum monthly mortgage instalment ’ is used to calculate the maximum cover amount for the monthly incapacity benefit. The client can choose any cover amount provided that it is lower than £2,000 and the Maximum monthly mortgage instalment. The Maximum monthly mortgage instalment  is based on the cover amount for the lump sum death benefit and the term of Mortgage Life Cover. We will use these figures to calculate the amount of the monthly mortgage instalment that would be payable on a monthly repayment mortgage with the same cover amount and term payable at an interest rate of 7%p.a. The resulting amount will be the ‘Maximum monthly mortgage instalment’ .
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