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Serious Illness Cover.

1 in 5 cancers are recurrences.* Can your clients claim again should the worst happen?

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Our latest claims and benefits report shows how we help our members live longer, delay the onset of disease, and reduce the risk of complications or death from COVID-19.

Why Serious Illness Cover?

Serious Illness Cover is designed to stay in place for as long as possible. If your client's condition worsens, or they develop another condition, they can claim again, until their cover amount ends.

The facts

  • 1 in 5 cancers are recurrences*
  • 1 in 4 strokes reoccur within 5 years**
  • 7 out of 10 people survive a heart attack**
  • 50% of people survive cancer for more than 10 years***


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Key reasons to recommend Serious Illness Cover.

  • Your clients are more likely to receive a payout


    We cover all heart attacks, all strokes and more cancers than any other insurer1.

  • Claim more than once on the same plan


    Serious Illness Cover is more likely to payout than any other critical illness plan in the market2

  • Cover that can continue into later life


    1 in 6 people over the age of 80 have dementia3.

Serious Illness Cover Toolkit.

In this toolkit, you can easily access everything you’ll need to talk to your clients about Serious Illness Cover. We’ve highlighted the most popular resources in yellow, and you can find a list of the others below. You'll find other toolkits throughout our website.

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Serious Illness Cover overview
Casper's Serious Illness Cover video
The Power of the Plan Account Sales Aid
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Later Life Options overview
Serious Illness Cover Comparison Tool
Serious Illness Cover Video

How Serious Illness Cover works.

To cater for different needs and budgets, we have two levels of cover for your client to choose from:
  1. Serious Illness Cover - includes 153 conditions, covered from Severity A (100% payout) to Severity E (15% payout).
  2. Serious Illness Cover Plus - includes 182 conditions, covered from Severity A (100% payout) to Severity G (5% payout). It also includes our unique Cancer Relapse Benefit as standard.

Our Serious Illness Cover pays out based on the impact that the condition has on your client’s lifestyle. This means your client could receive a payout at an earlier stage of their illness, even if it’s not life threatening.

When your client claims, they get a percentage of their cover amount, depending on the severity of their condition.

If their condition is of a lower severity, we pay out a part of their cover amount and keep covering them up to the remaining cover amount.

Should their condition get worse, or they suffer with another condition, they can claim again. They can keep doing this until they’ve used up their whole cover amount.

When arranging your clients Serious Illness Cover, discuss our unique Later Life Options with them. These are chosen upfront and begin when your clients Serious Illness Cover ends, to help protect them in later life against the potential financial impact of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and frailty.
Graph of Serious Illness Cover payouts

Family Benefit
Covers your clients against some of the most significant conditions that could affect their child at birth as well as covering either them or their spouse against any complications associated with pregnancy.

Download our Family Benefit sales aid

Cancer Relapse Benefit
This unique benefit lets your clients claim for a cancer recurrence at the same or lower severity, following a year in remission. Payouts for subsequent cancer under Cancer Relapse Benefit are limited to those at Severity levels A to C and the Severity level D cancer which is the ABI definition.

It also boosts the payout for subsequent cancers by 50% on top of your level of cover.

Cancer Relapse Benefit is included as standard on all Serious Illness Cover Plus plans only.

Your clients have the ability to include our additional cover and options with their Serious Illness Cover.

Later Life Options:

Unique to Serious Illness Cover, Later Life Options provide two levels of protection, designed to support your client’s independence in later life with cover for dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and frailty.

Both of our Later Life Options begin once your clients Serious Illness Cover ends and pay out based on the severity of their condition.

Dementia and FrailCare Cover – cover is calculated at the start of your clients plan as 50% of their Serious Illness Cover and a maximum amount available of £100,000. This is available for no extra upfront cost.

Dementia and FrailCare Cover Plus - cover is calculated at the start of their plan as 100% of their Serious Illness Cover and a maximum amount available of £200,000. This is available at an extra cost.

Funeral cover - included at no additional cost on both of our Later Life Options when Term Life Cover is selected.

Find out more

Child Serious Illness Cover:

Available on our Personal Protection Plan. It pays your clients a cash lump sum if their child were to suffer a serious illness. You can select up to £100,000 of extra cover towards the expense of a child needing medical care, taking time off work, travel costs and childcare for siblings.

Find out more

Protected Cover:

Following a Serious Illness Cover claim, Protected Cover increases your clients cover back to the original amount. They can select whether they want to top up their Life Cover or both their Life and Serious Illness Cover amounts. In total, they can claim up to three times their chosen level of Serious Illness Cover.

Download our Serious Illness Cover Protected Cover sales aid

Serious Illness Cover Booster: 

Serious Illness Cover Booster enables your client to benefit from 100% payouts for all of the key conditions that would typically by covered in full by a critical illness plan, plus payouts of up to 200% for other long-term debilitating illnesses alongside an additional 10% payout for every named child on the plan.

Download our Serious Illness Cover Booster sales aid

Where to next?

  •               SIC Case Study              

    Cura managing director Alan Knowles was recently able to tell his client she could claim for Rheumatoid Arthritis under her Serious Illness Cover plan through Vitality.

  •    Child Serious Illness Cover   

    Our optional benefit can be added to any Life, Income Protection or Serious Illness Cover plan and provides a valuable benefit if your client’s child were to suffer a serious illness or accident.

  • Mortgage Serious Illness Cover

    Our Mortgage Serious Illness Cover offers comprehensive protection including cover for 153 conditions, 81 of which are covered 100%.

  •            Later Life Options           

    Our unique Later Life Options, available on our Serious Illness Cover, can help support your client’s independence in later life against the impact of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and frailty.

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The Serious Illness Cover information on this website is about the latest version of VitalityLife Serious Illness Cover. If your clients already have a Personal Protection Plan, they can refer to their Plan Provisions for more information. If your clients would be interested in updating their Serious Illness Cover to the latest version available, please contact your VitalityLife Business Consultant or contact us for more information on how to do so. Additional underwriting and costs may be incurred.

*National Cancer Institute, accessed 2021
**American Heart Association, Jun 2019
***Cancer Research UK, Nov 2021
1 Defaqto verified competitor comparison, September 2020
Independently verified by Defaqto, Nov 2019
3 Alzheimer’s society, 2020