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Whole of Life

Affordable cover with no compromises

Why Whole of Life Cover?

With Whole of Life Cover there’s no maximum term – it pays out a lump sum to your client whenever they die. Provided your clients continue to pay their premiums until the end of their plan and the claim is valid, they can be sure they’ll leave something behind for their loved ones.

Whole of Life Cover can be used to insure against any inheritance tax your client’s family have to pay on their estate. If your client has the appropriate level of cover in place, their cover could take care of the tax bill, and their loved ones get everything they leave behind.

Even if there’s no inheritance tax to pay on an estate, the lump sum could help your client’s family in other ways. For instance, it could help towards funeral costs and other immediate expenses.

Lots of people want to leave something for their family to enjoy. So, the lump sum could just be a gift for your client’s loved ones. Their children could use it to pay off their mortgage – or put it towards the cost of their grandchildren’s education.

The facts:

  • There are over 500,000 deaths a year in the UK1
  • £4.8 billion is collected in inheritance tax2
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Premium comparison tool

Compare the cost on our Term and Whole of Life Plans with our premium comparison tool.


Life Insurance

Our Whole of Life plans just got cheaper

Our Whole of Life plans just got cheaper when your client takes out a Whole of Life plan with Vitality Optimiser or Wellness Optimiser.

Find out how our Whole of Life plans compare with our updated Premium Comparison tool.

Minimum monthly premiums and T+Cs apply.
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All about our Whole of Life Cover

About Whole of Life Cover

With Whole of Life Cover, your clients can increase their cover as their needs change. If, for example, inheritance tax rules change or your client’s estate goes up in value, they can increase their cover without having to give us any more information about their health.

VitalityLife’s Whole of Life Cover gives your clients big upfront savings not big upfront costs. This means premiums are more affordable from the start.

Plus, if your clients add Wellness Optimiser to their policy, as well as an even greater upfront discount they’ll also have access to our healthy discounts and rewards.

What Whole of Life Options are available?

We have four options of cover for your clients to choose from, so they can decide how their future premiums will change.

Traditional Whole of Life:
  • Gives your clients a basic annual premium which they can choose to keep the same over time
Whole of Life with Premium Optimiser:
  • Offers your clients an upfront discount and certainty of future price changes with an annual 2.5% fixed premium change. Plus, they can still enjoy an upfront starting premium discount of up to 40%, depending on age
Whole of Life with Interest Rate Optimiser:
  • Offers your clients an upfront discount and a variable annual premium change of between 1% and 2.75%, based on the long-term interest rate, allowing them to benefit if interest rates rise in the future
LifestyleCare Cover
  • Whole of Life Cover that gives your clients the ability to use some or all of their life cover early if they can't look after themselves

Your clients can also combine any of these options with Wellness Optimiser and Vitality Optimiser, which offers an even larger upfront discount and rewards for keeping up healthy habits.

Long-term interest rate

With our Whole of Life products, Premium Optimiser and Interest Rate Optimiser, your clients will get an upfront discount of up to 40%, and up to 70% if they add Wellness Optimiser (depending on their age).

The long-term interest rate is defined as the 20 year rate from the Bank of England’s UK government liability nominal spot rate curve.

This is publicly available and the current rate can be accessed here.

Please use the following steps to find today’s rate:

  1. Under “Latest Data”, select the “Nominal (government liability)” chart
  2. If you are looking for historic interest rates, first select the "archived data" option
  3. Select the “spot curve” tab
  4. Scroll across “Maturity years” to find the 20 year rate column (“20.0”)

You will also receive confirmation of the long-term interest rate being applied in your anniversary letter each year.

Healthy Living Options

With Vitality your clients can save money from day one with our Vitality programme. They will get access to a range of discounts and rewards from selected Vitality partners. They may also be eligible for an upfront discount or the opportunity to earn cashback. We have options to suit everyone's needs and budget.

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Where to next?

  • Indexation

    Protect your clients against the rises in the cost of living, making sure they have the cover they need now and in the future.

  • Interest Rate Optimiser

    Annual premium increases that are based on the long-term interest rate

  • LifestyleCare Cover

    A new category of protection. Whole of Life Cover that gives your clients the ability to use some or all of that life cover early if they can’t look after themselves.

  • Premium Optimiser

    Helps give you certainty over future premiums

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