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Vitality partner


Your client can get a six-month Fiit membership on us until 1 December 2021*.

Train smarter with the Fiit app.

Enjoying their fitness journey is key to your client living a healthier life. That's why we've partnered with Fiit to give our members a six-month membership. Whether your client is a beginner or advanced, there's something for everyone in the Fiit app.

  • Over 700 on-demand classes
  • Over 20 training plans with world-class trainers
  • Access to a live leaderboard where your client can compete with other members. 


How does it work?

  • one-symbol

    Your client buys a qualifying health insurance, life insurance or investment plan.

  • two-symbol

    They take their online Health Review and sign up for a six- month Fiit membership. They'll get their code in Member Zone.

  • three-symbol

    When they use the Fiit app your client can then earn Vitality points and Active Rewards. Like a weekly coffee, cinema tickets, and more.

Fiit deal FAQs.

Your client will qualify for the Fiit app benefit if they’re an adult member and they have one of the following Vitality plans:

Any private health insurance plan.

Business health insurance
  • Any small business health insurance plan.
  • Any corporate health insurance plan or trust scheme administered by Vitality.
Any life insurance plan.

Any investment plan.
If your client is already a Vitality member, they can log into Member Zone to generate their Fiit code.
To get their Vitality benefit, your client will need to end their current Fiit subscription before it renews and start a new six-month subscription.
Yes, they can link Fiit to Apple Health and Google Fit, and vice versa, so we can award their points.
No. Fiit devices aren’t available with the Fiit app.
Yes, at the end of their six-month benefit, their Fiit membership will auto-renew at 50% off an annual subscription, so they’ll only pay £60.
They’ll be able to earn five Vitality activity points when they complete a 20-minute continuous workout. They won’t be able to earn points for two separate workouts – for example two 15-minute workouts in the same day.
Yes. Terms and conditions are available in Member Zone once your client is a Vitality member.

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*When your client buys a health insurance, life insurance or an investment plan, they can get a six-month Fiit membership on us until 1 December 2021. Then get 50% off an annual membership when their six-month membership ends.