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WW monthly pass

Your client could save over


Per year*

Get a six month subscription to WW for just £30

As the world's leading weight loss provider, our partner WW can help your clients lose weight healthily, and keep it off.

  • Included on all VitalityHealth plans
  • Included on all VitalityLife plans
  • Included on all Vitality at Work plans
  • Included on VitalityInvest plans.
Terms and conditions apply.

By joining us, they get WW Workshops + Digital six month plan for just £30. If they go to at least two Wellness Workshops a month then we'll extend it for another six months - that's a total saving of more than £200 over a year.*

With access to Wellness Workshops, online tools and the WW app, your clients will know exactly what it takes to achieve a healthy sustainable weight.

They will earn 15 Vitality points each week that they go to a WW Wellness Workshop; 50 Vitality points for losing 5% of their start weight; 50 Vitality points for losing 10% of their start weight and another 100 Vitality points for reaching their WW goal weight.

If they reach their Goal Weight, we’ll also refund their £30 subscription payment in full.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we’ve answered for our members

Can my client sign up to the Vitality offer if they're an existing WW member?

Yes they can, but before they do, they’ll need to first cancel their current subscription and then sign up through Vitality, otherwise they will be billed under both subscriptions. To cancel, simply call the WW Customer Service team on 0345 345 1500 or email Please note they’ll need to cancel their existing subscription at least 15 days prior to the valid end date printed on their Monthly Pass card. They will need to pay the £30 subscription payment to get access to the WW Workshops + Digital six month plan through Vitality.

Can my client earn Vitality points if they're an existing WW member?

They will only earn Vitality points if they have signed up to WW through the Vitality Member Zone.

How does my client sign-up to the membership through Vitality?

They can log-in to and visit the WW page where they can generate a discount code and find details of how to get their six month membership on the WW website.

What is WW Digital + Studio?

It’s WW’ best value membership option, giving your clients access to over 6,000 meetings nationally and all of their digital tools including the WW app. In a WW Wellness Workshop meeting, they’ll join other like-minded people in a relaxed supportive atmosphere: they get a private weigh-in, motivational coaching and the chance to share experiences.

Where can my client use their membership?

The membership allows them to visit any meeting within England, Scotland and Wales. Find a local meeting or call Weight Watchers on 0345 345 1500 to ask an adviser.

Important information

*Based on WW standard Workshops + Digital  subscription charge of £21.45 per month at November 2018.

Your client must  take their Workshops + Digital card with then to each meeting or they will have to pay the standard weekly Meeting fee. At the end of six months, if they’re not eligible for an extension from Vitality, they will be charged each month at the WW Workshops + Digital rate until they cancel. They can earn Vitality points for losing 5% and 10% of their start weight and reaching their Weight Watchers Goal Weight once during the lifetime of their plan.

WW is included on all VitalityHealth plans.

WW is included on all VitalityLife plans.

Vitality at Work:
WW is included on all Vitality at Work plans.

WW is included on all VitalityInvest plans.

Details correct as of July 2021. Terms and conditions apply.

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