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Cancer Benefit Booster.

Up to £1,000 extra support a month, when your clients need it most

A unique extra benefit, included when your clients have eligible health and life plans.

The Cancer Benefit Booster is a unique insurance benefit, at no extra cost, when your clients have an eligible health insurance plan, as well as an eligible life insurance plan.

What your clients get with the Cancer Benefit Booster.

If they ever have to undergo treatment for cancer, they’ll receive a monthly contribution to their living costs, up to a maximum of £1,000 a month. This includes:

  • £570 per calendar month for living expenses – we base this figure on Macmillan Cancer Support’s ‘Cancer’s hidden price-tag’ report PLUS
  • Gross monthly premiums for both their health insurance plan and life insurance plan, providing that they or a member of their family pay the premiums for their plan.

How the Cancer Benefit Booster works.

Your clients will receive their first payment as soon as they get a cancer diagnosis and they’re admitted to hospital as a day-patient or in-patient, or as soon as they have chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Then they’ll receive payments each month after that, providing they’re still having treatment, or have treatment planned.

They can receive payments for up to six months per condition. Payments don’t have to be continuous: they can get them in different stages - e.g. two periods of three months – up to a maximum of six payments.

Eligible plans for the Cancer Benefit Booster.

To qualify for this benefit your clients need to have one of these health plans: 

  • A VitalityHealth Personal Healthcare or Business Healthcare plan (excluding Vitality at Work and Vitality Essentials)
  • A VitalityHealth Corporate Healthcare plan that includes Vitality Plus

    As well as one of these life plans:
  •  A VitalityLife plan with Serious Illness Cover that includes Vitality Plus.

Vitality Pink

When your clients have eligible Health and Life plans, they'll get access to unique products and rewards as a Vitality Pink member.
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    When your clients have eligible Health and Life plans, they'll get access to unique products and rewards as a Vitality Pink member.

Important Information

The condition your clients claim for must be covered by both the VitalityHealth plan and the VitalityLife plan. If either of the plans exclude the condition because of underwriting or because the plan doesn’t cover it, they won’t qualify for the benefit.

If they let either their health plan, or life plan, or Serious Illness Cover lapse, they won’t be eligible for the benefit and won’t receive any more payments as soon as the plan or Serious Illness Cover lapses. The only exception is if their Serious Illness Cover ends due to a claim, in which case we’ll treat it as the condition triggering the payout.

Your clients have the choice of claiming the NHS Hospital Cash Benefit if they have their treatment on the NHS, as an alternative to having their treatment paid for privately. If they decide to take the NHS Hospital Cash Benefit, they’ll still be eligible for the Cancer Benefit Booster payment.
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