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The Power of Purpose:
Adrian Gore on the High Performance Podcast

Published: 24/01/2023

Driven by a clear sense of purpose to make people healthier and a vision to re-shape financial services, Vitality founder and Discovery CEO Adrian Gore has been on a journey to drive real innovation in the insurance industry over the past 30 years. He recently joined BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey and organisational psychologist Professor Damian Hughes on the High Performance podcast to share his story.

The High Performance podcast has played host to everyone from business owners, top athletes and sportspeople to leading scientists and engineers. It features high-achieving performers, sharing their insights into what drives and motivates them and the experiences that have led to their success.

On a recent episode, Adrian spoke candidly about the values and mindset that have shaped how he approaches both his business and personal life, in particular the power of purpose and the importance of goal setting. A contept his spoke about recently during his attempts to run a mile in 5 minutes.

His ethos has always been about using business as a force for good in society, reflected in Vitality’s core purpose to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives. It is from this that the unique Shared Value model was born, driven also by a desire to redefine financial services.

These values have taken on an added importance in recent years, given the challenges we’ve faced: from a global pandemic to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Consumers rightly demand and expect businesses to deliver social good, while at the same time insurance products and services have needed to evolve to meet changing consumer needs.

Adrian’s comments on the philosophy behind the Vitality concept, devised in the complex healthcare environment of early nineties in South Africa, are also particularly pertinent. Especially today with Consumer Duty on the horizon.

Insurance products have traditionally been transactional: clients pay a premium and receive a payout if they claim. As Adrian highlights though, through Vitality, he had the opportunity to deliver real value to clients from day one and in turn drive better consumer outcomes while reinventing the way insurance is delivered in the market.

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