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Innovation is needed more than ever

Estimates show that over nine million people in the UK will be living in poor health by 20401. Following the coronavirus pandemic, the NHS is still under immense pressure. Waiting lists are long and rising inflation continues to impact medical costs.

We offer your clients products that incentivise better health and provide earlier intervention. We’re also developing digital pathways to make access to treatments easier.

Our 2023 Claims Insights report highlights five key trends in health insurance:

  • The importance of prevention
  • Embedding everyday care into health insurance
  • The meaningful health impact of Talking Therapies
  • The need for earlier cancer screenings and diagnosis
  • The role of technology and data in delivering better patient experiences and outcomes
  • A closer look at the key findings

    Text on image reads "87% of Vitality members reach recommended weekly exercise guidelines"

    The case for prevention has never been clearer

    Obesity and diabetes are leading causes of premature death in the UK2 – costing the NHS billions each year. This is putting a greater emphasis on the need for prevention.

    We take a personalised approach to prevention. That's why we've created three key pathways that tackle obesity, diabetes and smoking.

  • Physical activity – 87% of Vitality members reach recommended weekly exercise guidelines compared to 61% of the population
  • Nutrition – consumption of fruit and veg increases by +11% on average after one year
  • Smoking – 47% of members enrolled in our Next-Best-Action programme quit smoking3
  • Text on image reads "Everyday care accounts for 58% of all Vitality health claims"

    Everyday care is integral to health insurance

    Our research shows that the lack of NHS GP appoints is one of the biggest considerations for taking out health insurance.

    Everyday care, which includes Vitality GP, Talking Therapies, Physiotherapy and Optical, Dental and Hearing cover, accounts for 58% of all Vitality health claims.

    This includes over 10,000 virtual GP appointments per month – a 3x increase since 2019.
    Text on image reads "99% of members don't need further treatment within a three-month period"

    Talking Therapies are having an impact

    One in four of us will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year4.

    There is strong evidence that Talking Therapies are delivering improved patient outcomes:

  • 99% of members don’t need further treatment within a three-month period
  • Shown to lower future morbidity risk by 20%5
  • Reduces risk of being hospitalised for mental health by 21%
  • Text on image reads "We now offer all members the opportunity to complete a cancer risk assessment at no extra cost"

    There's a need for earlier cancer screenings

    With one in two people developing cancer over the course of their lifetimes6, people take out health insurance to ensure rapid access to quality cancer treatment. Awareness and screenings are key to catching cancer early. And our data shows members of all ages need to be aware of the risks.

    Our data shows that cancer risk increases with age, but one in four cancer claims are made by members under 50.

  • 65% of cervical cancer claims are for women under 50
  • Skin cancer is the biggest cause of cancer for men under 50

  • We’ve recently enhanced our cancer screening offerings. We now offer all members the opportunity to complete a cancer risk assessment at no extra cost.
    Text on image reads "Around 50% of Vitality's claims start online"

    Tech is delivering better patient outcomes

    Innovation is redefining the healthcare experience. There are countless opportunities to create smarter, seamless journeys into care.

    Since we introduced our Care Hub in 2021, the adoption of our digital claims journey has been rapid:

  • Around 50% of Vitality’s claims start online
  • Average time from referral to results is only 4 days
  • 60% of members using digital skin diagnostics given immediate all clear
  • Our recommendations for next-generation insurance

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    5Lower morbidity risk is defined as any non-psychiatric in-hospital claim exceeding £1,000
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