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Moving insurance on in leaps and bounds

Who we are

At Vitality, everything we do is driven by our core purpose - to make people healthier and to enhance and protect lives.

Through our scientifically proven Vitality Programme we help our members take control of their health and make positive changes. Our discounts and rewards motivate them to keep it up, so those changes become long-term health habits. Your clients claim less and get to enjoy life in better health, for longer. That's good for them, good for us and good for society. That's Shared Value.

What we do

Our focus is on providing your clients with market-leading value while helping you create a healthier and more engaged client base. Rather than just protecting our members when they need to claim, our cover proactively prevents illness and injury. And we can deliver real value from our insurance from day one.

Our award-winning VitalityHealth plans provide start-to-finish private care - from Vitality GP video consultations to fast access to consultants and treatment. Our Advanced Cancer Cover gives dedicated care at every step of the journey. Plus, our Full Cover Promise means no unexpected bills.

VitalityLife has a complete range of award-winning protection products. Our life insurance comes in two forms: Term Life Insurance or Whole of Life Cover. Our Serious Illness Cover is based on the impact the condition has on lifestyle. This means it pays out earlier and more often than traditional critical illness cover1. And our Income Protection rewards your clients for being healthy and supports them when they're not - with an upfront guarantee to payout up to £8,000 a month.

1Defaqto Engage, 2023

Healthy people, healthy planet

Vitality is a business that drives positive change. We reward people for making and sustaining healthier choices. But healthy people also need a healthy environment. That's why we're committed to:
  • being carbon neutral by 2025
  • reaching Net Zero by 2050 or earlier
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Shared value

Our next generation approach to insurance is based on our Shared Value model.

We unlock and share value from positive behaviour change. Making members healthier means they claim less. And this creates value for us. We us this value to provide better, more competitive products that can offer greater financial benefits. This means they can get something back without having to claim. This doesn't just benefit us, or the member - it benefits the adviser too. Clients are more likely to recommend other people and the benefits keep them coming back at renewal.

Partners and rewards

One of the ways we encourage our members to live a healthier lifestyle is through our range of partners and rewards. 

From the moment they join, members can enjoy discounts and rewards from top brands like Apple Watch, Expedia and Waitrose & Partners. We make it easier to understand their health with discounts on health assessments. We encourage members to get active with discounts on fitness tracking devices, a gym membership and sportswear. And we reward them with hot drinks, cinema vouchers, bigger savings and lower premiums, which motivate them to keep going and keep coming back.

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Our values

  • Great people

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    We find the best person for every role from diverse backgrounds, with distinctive personal experiences and outlooks.

  • Liberating the best in our people

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    We believe there is greatness in everyone. And insist on an inclusive environment so every person can bring all of themselves to work.

  • Intellectual leadership

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    Our approach to health is grounded in science and facts. We commit to continuous learning and self-improvement so that we can be leaders in our field.

  • Force for good

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    We are determined to be an exceptional employer, excellent partner and a good corporate citizen. We are also deeply committed to nation building and protecting our planet.

  • Customer, customer, customer

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    We're obsessed with our customers - your clients. After all, where would we be without them? So, we use every interaction with them to understand and improve their experience. And nurture lifelong relationships.

  • Innovation and optimism

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    As a next generation insurer Vitality has always been proud to lead the transformation of insurance. We adapt our market-leading cover to meet your clients' changing needs, while we continue to improve their health outcomes.

  • Drive, tenacity and urgency

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    We think like founders. We execute brilliantly, and at rapid pace, marrying our ambitions with short-term, urgent goals. We measure both rigorously. We are also unrelenting; we squeeze every product and process for brilliance all the way to the last "100 metres"

  • Business astuteness and prudence

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    We only invest if there is a clear benefit for the organisation, our customers and society. We embrace necessary governance and continually pursue exceptional risk management, financial excellence and financial strength.

  • Integrity, honesty and fairness

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    Every decision we make is underpinned by these values so that we can always ensure that we do the right thing for our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers and our business. For us, integrity, honesty and fairness come before anything else, including financial gain.

Award-winning service, cover and care

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