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Activity Tracking

Make every step count with an activity tracker 

Your clients can get savings on a wide range of activity trackers and see the rewards add up

Measuring their daily fitness efforts can earn your clients Vitality activity points – and rewards – as well as helping them to maintain or improve their Vitality status.

When your clients link an eligible activity tracking device or app - see our range below - to their Vitality account via our Member app, they can automatically track their steps, running, swimming or cycling every day.

They earn Vitality points by getting active and meeting the points requirements. They can also earn points by going to the gym regularly, taking part in parkrun events, having a Vitality Healthcheck and more. Remember, the more points they earn, the bigger rewards they get.

Apple Health app

Your client can link the Health app on Apple devices to their Vitality account using our Member app. A simple way for them to track their activity. Please note, they’ll need a device with iOS 15, or later, to use the Member app.
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To help your clients keep active, we’re partnered with Fitbit, offering them up to 36% off selected devices. A £6 delivery charge will apply.
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With up to 40% off a range of devices, Garmin devices are designed for running, swimming or cycling. They also have a comprehensive range of activity trackers for measuring daily steps. P&P charges may apply.
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With up to 40% off some devices, Polar web-enabled heart-rate trackers are ideal for more committed athletes to monitor their training intensity. P&P charges may apply.
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Help your clients make every step count with 15 % off selected Samsung Galaxy Watches. All Samsung smartwatches can track their activity and sleep to improve their daily wellbeing.
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Your clients can get 20% off selected Withings hybrid smart watches and smart scales. P&P applies.
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Frequently asked questions

How do my clients buy a discounted activity tracker?

They can buy a discounted Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Samsung or Withings device on our Member app.

How do my clients link their device to Vitality?

Your clients need to choose their device and create an account on the device’s website or app. Then your client should return to our Member app, select the Device Connections page by clicking on their Profile icon in the top. From there they'll be able to link their device.

How many devices can my clients buy?

Your client can get a discount on an eligible Garmin or Polar, and Fitbit device per member, each plan year. Your client will also be able to get an eligible Samsung Galaxy Watch and Withings device every 12 months.

Is there a limit to the number of Vitality activity points my client can earn each day?

Yes. Your client can earn a maximum of eight Vitality activity points a day per member and a maximum of 40 Vitality activity points a week per member.

My client already has an activity tracking device but it’s a different brand from the ones on the Vitality website. Can my client still earn points?

If it’s not one of our recognised brands, your client won’t be able to get Vitality points. But our list of eligible manufacturers is always growing, so their device may soon be compatible with Vitality.

Important information

Your clients need to upload their device data regularly to make sure they get their Vitality points in time to earn Active Rewards.

Details correct as of April 2024. Terms and conditions can be found on our Member app.

Where to next?

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    Your clients can get up to 40% off a range of Garmin activity tracking devices. P+P applies.

  • Withings

    Your clients can get 20% off a range of hybrid smart watches and smart scales from Withings. P&P applies.

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