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Mental Health

Mental health affects us all, every day.

Discover Jonny's story

Vitality’s positively different approach

Vitality take a holistic approach to promoting better mental wellbeing which focuses on giving your clients tools and incentives to help the prevention of every day mental health issues.
How are we different?

We offer a unique end-to-end mental wellbeing proposition, from prevention to early intervention and treatment.

  1. Prevention: The Vitality Programme’s preventative and behavioural approach to health promotes regular engagement in healthy lifestyle activities, linked to better mental wellbeing.
  2. Early Intervention: When a member experiences a mental health issue, we give them fast access to professional treatment and support
  3. Comprehensive Treatment: When a member selects the Mental Health Cover option, they receive comprehensive cover for out-patient, in-patient and day-patient treatment where required (limits apply).
There are two ways we can help your clients:
  1. Mental Health Support included in our Core Cover
  2. Mental Health Cover as an additional Cover Option.

Mental health is a growing challenge

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    1 in 4 people

    1 in 4 People in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year1

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    15 million working days

    15 million working days are lost per year because of work related stress 2

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    £94 billion per year

    The cost to the economy is estimated at £94 billion a year - roughly the cost of the entire NHS 3

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    8% of UK employees

    8% of UK employees surveyed suffer from depression 4

Jonny's Story

"I had everything I'd ever wanted, but I was the unhappiest I'd ever been"

Vitality Ambassador, Jonny Wilkinson, shares his own personal challenges around mental health, addressing the fine line between feeling well and feeling overwhelmed.
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Giving mental health support to all our members

With our  Core Cover, all our members have access to Mental Health Support

  • Big White Wall and Talking Therapies

    Core Cover provides access to eight Talking Therapy sessions and access to Big White Wall, an award winning online mental health service, to provide 24/7 support.

  • Engage with Vitality Healthy Mind

    Vitality Healthy Mind allows you to earn Vitality points for mindfulness activities from a range of apps including a discount on leading mindfulness app, Headspace.

  • Plus access to the Vitality Programme

    We know that physical and mental health are closely linked. The Vitality Programme promotes healthier lifestyle behaviours which can support better mental health.

Offering your clients even more

In addition, your clients have the option to add on our Mental Health Cover to their plan.

  • £1,500 out-patient treatment

    Vitality’s Mental Health Cover provides up to £1,500 towards out-patient treatment, independently of Talking Therapies or in-patient treatment.

  • 28 days of in-patient treatment

    In the event that a severe mental health condition means that you need in-patient and day-patient treatment, members have the peace of mind that Vitality will cover up to 28 days’ stay in hospital.

  • Unlimited Talking Therapies in-network

    Members who upgrade to add Mental Health Cover can access unlimited Talking Therapies.

Download our mental health literature

Find out more about Core Cover

With our  Core Cover, all our members have access to Mental Health Support. Learn more about what is included, such as Vitality Healthy Mind, Big White Wall and Talking Therapies. 
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