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At Vitality, our core purpose is to make people healthier, and to enhance and protect their lives.

In addition to protecting the things that your clients really care about, we encourage and reward them for being healthy. All of our plans come with access to discount and rewards through the Vitality Programme.

With our Optimiser your clients will receive our best available premium on our award-winning cover, and by taking steps to look after their health they can keep their premiums low. This helps make the cost of cover more affordable for everyone.

About our Optimiser.

The idea of Optimiser is simple: the more your clients look after their health, the more likely they are to stay healthy. This is good for them – and good for us. So, for clients with qualifying plans who pay the additional monthly Optimiser fee, we share the benefits of their healthy habits in the form of lower premiums and regular rewards from our full range of partners.

Access to our best available premium.

When your client adds Optimiser to either their Personal Protection Plan, Business Protection Plan or Relevant Life Plan they’ll receive our best available premium:

Up to 30% lower than our standard premium on fixed-term cover – dependent on the length of their term.
Up to 40% lower than our standard premium on Whole of Life Cover – dependent on your clients’ age.

This discount only applies to their premium. Depending on your clients’ monthly premium, an additional fee of £4.75 per month may apply to unlock Vitality Plus – our extended range of discounts and rewards.

Your clients can keep their premiums low.

When your clients do healthy things, we give them points which count towards their Vitality status. As part of this, depending on their Vitality status – they can keep their premiums lower.

Take a look at how your clients’ premium changes every year with Optimiser.

Stay on Bronze

Reach Silver

Reach Gold

Reach Platinum

+2.5% +1.5%

Other premium options.

Premium Step 
Added to Whole of Life Cover, it gives your clients an upfront discount of up to 40% on premiums. Premiums then increase by a fixed amount of 2.5% each year.

Increases the value of your cover each year by the rate of inflation, to help protect against rises in the cost of living. Choosing Indexation means your starting premium is lower than a level premium. 

Two reward levels, based on your clients' premium.

Depending on your clients’ premium, they will have access to our discounts and rewards through the Vitality Programme – either with Vitality Select or Vitality Plus.
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Just some of our reward partners.

Our partners help your clients understand their health, as well as making it cheaper and easier to get healthier with a range of discounts, rewards and cashback.
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Share our 60 second Optimiser video with your clients.

To help you talk to your clients about our Optimiser, we have created a short and simple explainer video to start the conversation.
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