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With Optimiser, clients saved up to £114 on
average a year through lower premiums.1

Offer the best premium

The idea of Optimiser is simple: the more your clients look after their health, the more likely they are to stay healthy.

Optimiser also gives your client access to our best available premiums - up to 40% off standard premiums. Plus, when they engage with the Vitality Programme you can maintain their premiums over time.

That's good for them, good for you and good for us.


Explore our Claims and Benefits Report 2023

Find out how we supported clients in 2022 through market-leading protection cover and health and wellbeing benefits.

With the ongoing economic challenges highlighting the need for better financial resilience, it’s never been more important for advisers to be discussing protection insurance with their clients.

How it works

Good for you and your business

Healthy people

Reduced lapse rates

Engaged members with Optimiser are up to 59% less likely to lapse their plan than those without Optimiser, resulting in more profitable and reliable business.3

Mental health

Increased client size

Optimiser provides access to our best available premium, which promotes more comprehensive levels of cover to be selected. Optimised cases have a benefit size 52% higher than non-Optimised cases on average.3


Healthier clients

Engaged members with Optimiser were 39% less likely to claim, meaning we can share the value with them through things they actually enjoy.4

Optimiser toolkit

Quick access to everything you need to support your client conversations.

Navigating the cost-of-living crisis to support your clients

Our Director or Strategic Partnerships, Andy Philo, recently joined COVER in their studios to explore why immediate value in protection matters more than ever during the cost-of-living crisis. As client’s budgets become increasingly squeezed, now is the time to offer products that delivers tangible value from day one.

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1 Based on average savings made through Optimiser's Platinum Rate in 2021. VitalityLife Claims and Benefits Report 2022.
Additional fees for Optimiser apply.
3 VitalityLife Claims and Benefits Report, 2022.
4 VitalityLife experience analysis, 2015-2021.