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Our Serious Illness Cover is the only cover to pay in full, multiple times 

Cover your clients with our 5-star Defaqto rated cover.

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Award-winning cover

Unlike traditional critical illness plans, our cover pays out based on the impact that the conditions has on your client's lifestyle. We class conditions by their severity level and pay out between 5% and 100% of your clients total cover amount, depending on the severity. 

Because of this, we can cover more conditions than traditional critical illness plans, which means your clients are more likely to receive a payout, and they don't have to wait until their condition is critical to claim.

We offer three distinct products which offering varying levels of cover for your clients, and include the best of our comprehensive cover, multiple claims and later life protection.

How it works

Choose from our three comprehensive cover levels 

Serious Illness Cover 1X

More illnesses covered than any other insurer

  • 114 conditions covered 
  • 62 conditions covered in full, 19 unique conditions1
  • Each claim pays out 25% to 100% of the cover amount.

Serious Illness Cover 2X

Full protection with broad cover and full payments

  • 143 conditions covered
  • 74 conditions covered in full, 35 unique conditions1
  • Each claim pays out from 15% to 100% of the cover amount
  • Make claims up to 2x the cover amount
  • 100% payouts for more conditions than traditional critical illness cover2
  • More likely to pay out than any other insurer.

Serious Illness Cover 3X

Best-in-class cover for ultimate peace of mind

  • 174 conditions covered
  • 74 conditions covered in full, 60 unique conditions1
  • Each claim pays out from 5% to 100% of the cover amount
  • Make claims for up to 3x the cover amount
  • 100% payouts for more conditions than traditional critical illness cover2
  • More likely to pay out than any other insurer and covers every condition in the market.2

Introducing our 2024 Claims and Benefits Report

Our results demonstrate how our products cater to modern risks, provide immediate value and engage members, creating a new category of insurance. As we continue to enhance and protect lives, discover how we supported our members throughout 2023.

Join us in our upcoming CPD-accredited webinar, where we'll explore the latest report in more detail, alongside our panel of industry experts.

Reasons to recommend

More likely to payout

In 2023, 1 in 6 claims covered wouldn't have been covered by a typical core critical illness plan6.

We cover more conditions than any other insurer7, including those at earlier stages or those that don't require surgery.

Plus, we also include conditions which are unique to us8, increasing the likelihood of payout for your client.

Pays out multiple times

In 2023, 1 in 13 claims were from members who had already made a claim on their cover6.

Serious Illness Cover allows your clients to claim multiple times on their plan, until they've used up their total cover amount.

This means they are protected for as long as possible and are not left uninsured or uninsurable post claim.

Protection in later life

Dementia and FrailCare Cover is unique cover, only available with Vitality.

Your clients will get Dementia and FrailCare Cover included as standard on their Serious Illness Cover plan.

It protects them against later life conditions, such as, Dementia and Alzheimer's, by paying out a lump sum if they were to be diagnosed.

Member case study - Hayley's story

‘Knowing I’m still covered, even after claiming twice, has made all the difference’

1 in 13 of our Serious Illness Cover claims are for multiple claims6.

Behind that statistic are powerful, real-life stories like Hayley’s, who before the age of 40 had claimed twice on her plan, and continues to be covered where other policies would have ended and left her uninsured for the future.

Serious Illness Cover toolkit

Quick access to everything you need to support your client conversations.


Serious Illness Cover online tools

With the Conditions Covered tool, you can quickly see which conditions we cover and what we pay out.

Because our cover is so different, it isn't always easy to compare with other providers. So we created the SIC vs CIC tool. Don’t just take our word for it, it's been verified by Defaqto to make sure that it's fair, transparent and representative.

We’ve also added new functionality to make it even easier to demonstrate to your clients just how many conditions we cover, compared to other providers.

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1.  Maximum payment of a single claim will always be 100% of the level of cover selected
2. Alongside conditions typically paid in full by critical illness plans. Maximum claim amount across all plans is £3,000,000
3. VitalityLife analysis, 2022
4. In addition to the current Vitality Plus fee of £4.75 per month per adult
5. VitalityLife experience analysis, rolling lapse rates between Oct 2020 - September 2021
6. VitalityLife Claims and Benefits Report, 2024
7. ProtectionGuru Doctor's scores, 2024
8. Defaqto verified Serious Illness Cover comparison tool, 2023.