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Serious Illness Cover

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Why Serious Illness Cover?

Unlike typical critical illness cover, our Serious Illness Cover pays your client on a severity based approach. This means that our cover provides a payout proportionate to the severity of a condition.

With advances in medical technology and screening processes, we recognise that conditions are being caught sooner. These early stage illnesses may not be eligible for a payment with another provider, but we know that they can still cause stress and often lead to time being taken off work.  

If your client needs to claim for a condition that does not use up their full cover amount, they will still have cover available. So if their condition worsens, or they suffer with a different condition, they'll be able to can claim again and again, until they've used up the full amount.

The facts

  • Your clients are up to 3 times more likely to get a payout with us1
  • 116% more likely to get a payout for cancer with us1
  • 34% more likely to get a payout for a heart attack with us1
  • 25% more likely to get a payout for a stroke with us.1 

How does Serious Illness Cover compare?

Have you tried our Conditions Covered tool yet to find out which conditions are covered with Serious Illness Cover? Try it now

  • Comprehensive Cover

    We cover 174 conditions with our Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover

  • Primary Cover

    We cover 114 conditions with our Primary Serious Illness Cover

  • Typical Critical Illness Cover

    Around 48 conditions* are covered by typical Critical Illness Cover policies.  *Defaqto verified, February 2017

All about our Serious Illness Cover

Our Serious Illness Cover

About Serious Illness Cover

To cater for different needs and budgets, we have two levels of cover for your clients to choose from: Comprehensive Cover or Primary Cover. Not only that, there are a range of additional covers and options available for your clients to include on their Serious Illness Cover policy.

Comprehensive Cover gives your clients cover for over 170 conditions. With Comprehensive Cover, conditions are covered from Severity A (100% payout) to Severity G (5% payout).

Primary Cover which covers you for over 100 and is for your clients who prefer a more affordable option. With Primary Cover, conditions are covered from Severity A (100% payout) to Severity D (25% payout).

Both of these options are available with the VitalityLife Plan, which gives you access to all of our options, or the Essentials Plan, which removes some benefits such as Guaranteed Insurability, making it more affordable.

How does severity work?

We’re able to cover a broader range of conditions than our competitors because we use severity based payments that reflect the impact an illness has on your client’s lifestyle.
Download our Severity Payments client sales aid.

Serious Illness Cover in action

We pay out for less severe conditions as well as the more critical ones. If you client lost sight in both eyes, we’d pay out, just like a typical insurer, but we understand that it’s not just the most severe form of a condition that affects people’s lives, so we also pay out a percentage of the cover amount for things that aren’t as severe. So if your client lost their sight in one eye, they would still get a payment with us of 15% of their cover amount, and they’d still be covered with the remainder of their cover.

Watch Phil's Serious Illness Cover claims story to see how our award-winning cover really does make a difference to people's lives. 

What is included?

What does Serious Illness Cover include?

Our Serious Illness Cover includes Family Benefit and Core Serious Illness Cover for Children. 

Family Benefit:

 Family Benefit provides a unique combination of benefits. 
 It provides a cash lump sum pay out for specified Complications of Pregnancy, specified Congenital Conditions and also, a contribution to the cost of a funeral following the death of a child.
Download our Family Benefit adviser sales aid.

Core Serious Illness Cover for Children:

 If your client takes out a VitalityLife plan, our Core Serious Illness Cover for Children pays a lump sum if their child suffers from a serious illness that we cover.
 This feature is not available with the Essentials plan.
Additional cover and options

Additional cover and options

Your clients have the ability to include our additional cover and options to their Serious Illness Cover.

Cancer Relapse Benefit:

  • Cancer Relapse Benefit provides your clients with more protection against cancer recurrence by paying out an additional 50% for subsequent cancers.

Optional Serious Illness Cover for Children:

  • Optional Serious Illness Cover for Children offers up to £100,000 of extra cover.
  • This option is available with the VitalityLife and the Essentials plans.
  • Additional peace of mind for parents if their child develops a serious illness.
Download our Optional Serious Illness Cover for Children client sales aid.

Protected Cover:

  • Top up after a claim.
  • Protected Cover works by safeguarding your client’s future with 100% automatic reinstatement cover, so cover continues after a claim.
  • They can reinstate their cover to the lesser of three times the original Serious Illness Cover amount, or £3,000,000.
Download our Protected Cover client sales aid.

Serious Illness Cover Booster: 

If receiving 100% payments is important to your clients, they can choose to add Serious Illness Cover Booster. This gives them the best of both worlds – severity based payments across a much wider range of conditions, meaning more chance of a payout. We also boost the payouts to 100-200% of the cover amount for the more critical conditions, in line with other providers.
  • Covers a much wider range of conditions
  • Serious Illness Cover Booster gives even more help coping with the long-term effects of some serious illnesses.
  • For some long-term conditions, we’ll pay out more - between 100% and 200% of the cover amount.
Download our Serious Illness Cover Booster sales aid.
Healthy Living Options

Healthy Living Options

Your clients have the opportunity to include one of our Healthy Living Options with Serious Illness Cover.

Wellness Optimiser

Your clients can get all of our discounts and rewards with an even larger upfront discount. Suitable for those who want to monitor their health and engage in a healthy lifestyle.
Find out more

Vitality Optimiser

Your clients can get all of our discounts and rewards with an upfront discount on our award-winning cover.
Find out more

Vitality Plus

Your clients access to all our partner rewards and is an excellent option for those looking to engage in our healthy living programme without future annual premium changes.

Comparing Healthy Living Options

We've created an easy comparison table for you to clearly see the differences between our healthy living options: Download the comparison table.

Why should you speak to your clients about Serious Illness Cover?

The benefits for your clients

  • If your client suffers with one of the conditions we cover, we pay them a cash lump sum
  • The payout is based on how severe their condition is - from 5% to 100% of cover amount
  • They can claim more than once if they have cover left over.
Download our Serious Illness Cover client sales aid

Not just good for your clients

The benefits for you

  • We've reduced the risk of having to tell your clients that their insurance won’t pay out – they’re 3x more likely to get a payout with us
  • Our cover is 5-star Defaqto rated
  • Your clients can engage with their cover giving you the opportunity to speak to them regularly about their protection needs.
Download our Serious Illness Cover adviser brochure

Where to next?

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