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A personal development resource for advisers, providing digital learning and live workshops.

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What is the Vitality Academy?

Vitality Academy is a personal development resource for advisers aimed at helping grow our market together, protecting more people and doing more good.

Our digital platform offers an on demand, multi-media experience where you’re in control, making it easy to dip in and out and access content on the go.

Alongside this, our face-to-face Sales as a Force for Good workshops explore the psychological reasons people often don’t see value in insurance and how to help clients overcome these instincts to make truly informed decisions.

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Monthly Prize Draw

Every month we run a feedback incentive. Simply complete a course you’ve not done before and tell us what you think at the end.

Each time you do this, you’ll receive an entry into a monthly prize draw for a £50 Waitrose & Partners voucher.

See our terms & conditions for full details.

Sales as a Force for Good

As Vitality Academy has evolved, we’ve engaged with advisers to discover a need that goes beyond knowledge, with many highlighting their own negative feelings about ‘selling’ and the challenge of getting clients to even consider protection. With our face to face, Sales as a Force for Good workshops, we set about reshaping how advisers think and feel about their role and what ‘selling’ even is.

We explore how our human psychology leaves us prone to poor decisions about our future (‘it won’t happen to me’), then we reframe the adviser role as an assistant buyer, helping clients to challenge these instincts, guiding them to realistically explore the future, and to make truly informed decisions, all without clients feeling ‘sold to’

To help close the UK protection gap, we strive for advisers to see the enormous good that they do, the vast opportunity to do even more, and the key elements they need to achieve this.

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