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Income Protection Cover

Income should be one of the first things your clients protect

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Why Income Protection Cover?

People don’t always see the need for Income Protection Cover. There’s a common expectation that the Government and employers will look after people financially if they become ill and unable to work.

In reality, Government benefits won't cover most people and help them pay bills while maintaining their family’s lifestyle. Additionally, very few people actually receive sick pay from their employers for more than six months, let alone for more than a year.

Our 5-star rated Income Protection Cover can help by offering your clients a tax-free monthly income payment if they are unable to work because of illness, injury or disability. We help to ensure their monthly outgoings are covered and offer additional benefits to help them recover and settle back into work.

The facts

  • The average UK family spends £528 every week on things like housing, transport and food1
  • Dependent on your circumstances the State Employment and Support Allowance pays up to £109 per week2
  • Only 14% of people would receive sick pay for more than six months, and only 3% for more than a year3


Dual Deferred Period Calculator

Employer’s sick pay schemes will not always meet the needs of their employee’s lifestyle. This is where income protection can help bridge that gap.

Our simple Dual Deferred Period Calculator enables you to work out the maximum benefit amount that you’re able to select based on your client’s sick pay scheme.
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Five reasons to recommend our award winning cover

Our Income Protection Cover has many unique features.

  • More certainty around premiums and benefit amount

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  • Extra protection when it is needed most

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  • Extensive Back to Work Support

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  • We have a unique back to work benefit

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  • We have a strong underwriting philosophy

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All about our Income Protection Cover

Our Income Protection Cover

About Income Protection Cover

To cater for different needs and budgets, we have three levels of Income Protection cover for your clients to choose from including Comprehensive Cover or Primary Cover. We also have Short Term Income Protection Cover which makes protecting your clients income more affordable. Not only that, we have additional covers and options available for your clients to include on their Income Protection Cover plan, such as Family Income Cover.

Comprehensive Cover provides a market leading range of benefits and innovative features making it one of the few products with a Defaqto 5-star rating. 

  • It protects 60% of your clients gross income for the first £5,000 per month and 50% for anything above capped at £16,666 per month.
  • Our new Hospitalisation benefit will help fund any additional costs your client incurs if they’re hospitalised for longer than six days.

Primary Cover offers excellent protection and added benefits, as well as being highly competitive on price.

  • It protects 60% of your clients gross income for the first £5,000 per month and 50% for anything above capped at £10,000 per month.

Short Term Income Protection a cheaper alternative which covers your client for a maximum of two years off work.

  • It protects 60% of your clients gross income for the first £5,000 per month and 50% for anything above capped at £10,000 per month
  • We will also pay multiple claims for the same cause of absence, as long as your client returns to work for over six months.

Public Sector Employee Benefit

For your clients who work in the NHS, a UK Local Council or as a teacher based in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland, our Public Sector Employee Benefit is aligned to their employer sickness pay schemes. It is available on both Primary and Comprehensive cover, and the length of deferred period is based on your clients’ occupation as well as their length of service.
Download our Income Protection for Public Sector Employees brochure.

Our unique Back to Work benefit:

With our Back to Work benefit your clients can receive a cash bonus on top of their normal salary after they start working again. No other provider in the market offers this kind of support.

We also offer Recovery Benefit where we can give your clients up to £2,000 of specialist care and support to help them get better and restore their lifestyle.

Proportionate and Rehabilitation Benefits

Upon returning to work both our Proportionate and Rehabilitation Benefits will provide your clients with a proportion of their monthly benefit until their income returns to what it was before they had to claim. This can either be in the same occupation or a new occupation with reduced earnings.

Big White Wall:

Mental health issues are an increasing problem for the UK workforce and this is why our Income Protection now provides access to Big White Wall, an online service that provides a forum for people experiencing mental health issues to reach out and receive support from qualified ‘Wall Guides’. It also provides avenues for creative outlet and courses for awareness and management of a wide range of mental illness conditions.

Short Term Income Protection

Short Term Income Protection

Short Term Income Protection Cover makes protecting your clients’ income more affordable. If your clients become incapacitated while covered, we’ll pay a monthly income for up to two years if they are unable to do their job because of illness or injury.

During that time, it is important that your clients’ financial worries do not add to their burden. They choose when their payments start, from seven days (if they’re self-employed) to 12 months after not being able to do their job.
Download our Short Term Income Protection brochure.

Download our Short Term Income Protection FAQs.

Additional cover and options

Additional cover and options

Your clients have the ability to include additional cover and options on their Income Protection plan.

Family Income Cover:

  • Family Income Cover helps your clients pay for their family's living costs if something happens to them.
Download our Family Income Cover client sales aid.


  • Indexation enables your client's cover to increase each year with no further underwriting. It means their cover is protected against rises in the cost of living, making sure your clients have cover they need now and in the future.
Download our Indexation sales aid.
Healthy Living Options

Healthy Living Options

With Vitality your clients can save money from day one with our Vitality programme. They will get access to a range of discounts and rewards from selected Vitality partners. They may also be eligible for an upfront discount or the opportunity to earn cashback. We have options to suit everyone's needs and budget.
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Not just good for your clients

Why should you speak to your clients about Income Protection Cover?

The benefits for your clients
  1. Earnings Guarantee - The guarantee of their benefit amount, with no requirement to verify their income for up to a maximum of £1,500 per month. They also have the flexibility to guarantee a higher amount by verifying your income at any time during the first six months of your policy.
  2. Returning to work - We’ll continue to pay your client their income until they’re ready to return to the job that they had held previously or until they match their previous earnings. We will also pay them a Back to Work Benefit for two months after they start work again.
  3. Hospitalisation Benefit - If your client is hospitalised for over six consecutive days, we will pay them £100 per day. This benefit is only available on our Comprehensive cover and can be claimed multiple times but is capped at 90 days in total.
  4. Specialist Care and Support - Our recover benefit provides your client with up to £2,000 (Comprehensive cover) or £1,000 (Primary and Short Term cover) worth of specialist care and support to help aid your recovery and return to work. They’re able to access things such as specialist treatments, counsellors, support groups and training courses.
  5. Discounts and Rewards from day one - Depending on your clients plan, they’re able to get access to our Healthy Living Programme. We provide your clients with discounts on things that will help them in their journey to becoming healthier as well as rest and relax.
Download our Income Protection brochure

Where to next?

  • Additional cover and options

    Explore our additional covers and options that allow you to tailor your client's protection plan

  • Life Cover

    Life Cover pays a lump sum cash payment if your client dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness

  • Personal Protection Literature

    We have a range of assets available for download making it even easier for you to do business with us

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