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The Vitality Programme

In 2023, our members earned £82m through rewards from the Vitality Programme.1 


Happier, healthier clients means better business for you

With our cover, your clients get access to the Vitality Programme. It's the world’s largest health promotion programme linked to insurance - with proven results2.

The Vitality Programme is evidenced to drive improvements in behaviour and long-term health1.

Together, we can help your clients understand and improve their health, save money and get rewarded without even needing to claim.

Keep them coming back

Give your clients more reasons to stay.

Discounts and rewards

£82m paid back to members through discounts and rewards in 20231

Reduced lapse rates

Cut lapse rates by up to 46% with clients who engage in the Programme3

Immediate value

Engaged members saved 40% of their annual premium through rewards on average1

Higher client engagement

A proven Programme which has 10 times higher engagement than other wellbeing programmes4

Vitality Programme toolkit

Quick access to everything you need to support your client conversations.

How it works

When your client becomes a Vitality member, they can register on the Member Zone.

Mobile interaction
Earn points when you get active or drive well
Treats and discounts from top brands
Mobile interaction

1 Understand their health

Firstly, your clients will complete a quick online health review. We then set their health goals and give them tips on how to achieve them.

Earn points when you get active or drive well

2 Get healthier

By tracking their healthy habits with a smartphone or activity tracker - like Apple Watch - together we help them achieve their goals. Simply by being active, your clients will start earning Vitality points which contribute to their Vitality status.

Treats and discounts from top brands

3 Get rewarded

Earning Vitality points allows your clients to unlock a range of rewards, like Caffè Nero and Expedia. And the more Vitality points they earn, the better their Vitality status and the bigger the reward!

Person hiking through mountains

Changing the claims landscape

We encourage and reward your clients for being healthy.

Engaged VitalityLife members with Optimiser were 46% less likely to claim1. And more physically active VitalityHealth members' healthcare costs were up to 46% lower5, meaning we can share the value with them through things they actually enjoy.

Enjoy more with Vitality Plus

Vitality Programme access

All plans include the Vitality Programme. Your client's plan determines the discounts and rewards they get access to. 

The Vitality Programme has two levels – Vitality Select and Vitality Plus. 

  • Vitality Select gives your client access to several discounts and rewards, including Expedia and Caffè Nero
  • Vitality Plus gives your client access to even more discounts and rewards, including Apple Watch, ODEON, Vue and Waitrose & Partners.

Vitality Select

Vitality Plus

Health insurance Personal and business plans
-                 Included as standard
Health insurance Corporate plans and healthcare trusts Included as standard Option to add on
Life Insurance Personal and business plans Included for monthly premiums below £45 for single life plans or below £60 for joint life plans Included on plans with Optimiser* that have monthly premiums of £45 and above for single life plans or £60 and above for joint life plans. Click here for a full comparison.
*Additional fees for Optimiser apply.

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  2. Moderate changes to physical activity and diet, resulting in minor improvements in metabolic risk, can have a material impact on a person’s lifespan and healthspan. For example, a 30-year-old man of average health could gain 2.8 years of healthy life through moderate changes to exercise and diet. A 30-year-old female who makes a moderate increase in exercise and diet could add three years of good health – RAND Europe and Vitality
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