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About underwriting

The process of underwriting enables us to decide if we can offer your clients the cover they've applied for and what their premium should be.

The application process involves a set of questions - captured on Adviser Hub or a paper application form - which help us to build a clear picture of your client and the risk factors which may increase the likelihood of a claim.


Introducing iGPR

Our new partnership will benefit both you and your client by ensuring a smoother and quicker underwriting process by reducing the need for manual collection.

Now, when you submit an application through our Adviser Hub, iGPR will help with the digital collection of your clients medical evidence through the smooth running of obtaining GP records.


Honest and accurate disclosures

Please ensure your clients take care to answer all questions honestly and fully during the application process. If they miss any information out or give us misleading information - this may mean that a future claim will not be paid.

How it works 

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Looking for an indication of underwriting terms?

Spectra is our digital underwriting tool that gives you 24/7 access to a likely underwriting decision.

To understand more about Spectra, we have a training module on the Vitality Academy.

You can request access below or speak to your Business Consultant.


Try our BMI calculator

Our BMI calculator helps you work out your clients’ Body Mass Index (BMI), as part of the underwriting process.

Once you have an idea of their BMI, take a look at our BMI parameters sales aid which indicates the BMI range where loadings will be applied.

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