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Adviser Tools

Making it easier to do business with us

Vitality Tools

  • Vitality Age Calculator

    This simple tool helps you understand more about your health by calculating your Vitality Age, which you can compare to your actual age. 

  • Vitality Perfect Fit

    Unsure which activity tracker to choose? Use our Perfect Fit tool to help narrow down your options. 

VitalityHealth Tools

Healthcare and rewards savings tools.

  • Hospital Finder

    Locate the closest hospitals to your clients with our Hospital Finder.

  • VitalityHealth Savings Calculator

    This interactive tool allows you to select the discount and rewards you'd like to use to see how your savings could increase.

  • Employers Promotion Pack

    Materials that tell your client's employees all about Vitality including how to unlock their benefits, Vitality's three steps to getting healthier, and our Vitality partners. 

VitalityLife Tools

We've developed a wide range of tools designed to support the selling process and help you grow your business.

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

    Use our BMI Calculator to calculate your clients’ Body Mass Index (BMI).

  • Business Protection Decision Tree

    Our interactive Decision Tree provides you with VitalityLife's business protection solutions based on business type, purpose of cover and the person being covered. 

  • Conditions Covered Tool

    Discover what conditions are covered by Vitality Serious Illness Cover.

  • Income Protection Dual Deferred Period Calculator

    Calculate your clients' maximum benefit amount in a matter of seconds. 

  • Income Protection Reality Checker Tool

    In just 60 seconds this tool generates a report to show your clients the importance of protecting their income.

  • Inheritance Tax Calculator

    Calculate your expected Inheritance Tax bill (IHT) in four easy steps.

  • Offline Quote Tool

    If you need to produce quotes offline, download our quote software (Adviser Hub).

  • Online Trust Tool

    Putting a VitalityLife policy into trust has never been easier.

  • Points and Savings Calculator

    Calculate the points and savings you can accumulate while on a VitalityLife plan.

  • Premium Comparison Tool

    Compare the cost on our Term and Whole of Life Plans

  • Protection Calculator

    Not sure how much protection you need? Our Protection Calculator can help you decide what life insurance you might need.

  • RLP Tax Savings Calculator

    Find out exactly how much your client could save on tax with a Relevant Life Policy from VitalityLife. 

  • Risk Calculator

    Knowing what your clients might face in the future allows them to better protect themselves from it. Use our Risk Calculator to make sure they have the right protection.

  • Vitality Illness Comparison Tool

    Compare our cover with our providers

VitalityInvest Tools

  • Livewell Financial Planner

    Show clients how looking after their health could help them live longer, and how our Boosters and discounts can help their income last longer in retirement.

  • Fund Finder

    Explore our range of Vitality and other funds, including access to detailed fund reports with interactive charts.

More VitalityInvest Tools

Login to Adviser Hub to access more of our great tools to help your clients live a longer, healthier, more financially secure life.

Investment Booster - See how the Investment Booster can enhance your client’s savings.

Carry-Forward Calculator - See how much your client can contribute into their pension this year by carrying over any unused allowance from previous years.

Retirement Modeller - See how Vitality can help your client enjoy a healthier and more financially secure retirement. Use the tool to combine traditional pension cashflow modelling with insight into your client’s potential life expectancy.

Retirement Booster - See how the Retirement Booster can enhance your client's retirement drawdown pot.

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