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Claims and benefits report.

We're here when your clients need us the most.

During a year when the coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on people’s lives, we remained focused on being there for our members and their families when they needed us most – we’re extremely proud to have paid out a record £92m in claims.

Our claims and benefits report also demonstrates how we’ve helped our members live longer, delay the onset of disease and reduce the risk of complications or death from COVID-19.

We’re continually exploring ways that we can best support your clients. Rest assured we’ll deal with your clients claim as quickly and smoothly as possible, considering their individual circumstances to provide the right support and outcome for them and their loved ones.

2020 at a glance.

  • We paid out £91.6m in total

  • 99.6% of Life Cover claims

  • 91.3% of Serious Illness Cover claims

  • 96.8% of Income Protection Cover claims

Supporting members during the pandemic.

Our latest report demonstrates how we supported members and their families during the pandemic, it also highlights the importance of having comprehensive protection in place.

COVID-19 affected a diverse range of members, across different ages and genders, despite this, there were a number of key trends.
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The Vitality Programme.

Our core purpose is to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives. To enact our core purpose we created the Vitality Programme, based on the simple insight that when we make our members healthier, it is good for you, good for us as business and good for society.

In 2020 members not only benefited from better health, but they also generated £14m of additional value through the partners introduced by Vitality at Home – a benefit that was designed to incentivise members to stay healthy during the pandemic.
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Create personalised reports.

This year we’ve introduced a new feature to enable you to create personalised reports for your clients.

Based on our 2020 data, you can explore the most likely insurance claims and popular Vitality benefits which match your client’s profile.
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Claims Toolkit.

In this toolkit, you can easily access everything you’ll need to talk to your clients about our claims process. We’ve highlighted the most popular resources in yellow, and you can find a list of the others below.

How Vitality engagement can reduce risk of COVID death
Client guide to making a claim
VitalityLife Claims Charter

Where to next?

  • Personal Protection

    With our Personal Protection, we offer your clients the best cover to suit their needs, such as our award-winning Serious Illness Cover.

  • Optimiser

    The idea of Optimiser is simple: the more your clients look after their health, the more likely they are to stay healthy.

  • Rewards Overview

    We’re the insurer that gives your clients’ something back when they get active, meaning they can  benefit without having to claim.

  • Online Tools

    Explore our wide range of online tools, designed to support your client conversations and help you to grow your business.

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All claim statistics are representative of VitalityLife’s analysis of Life, Serious Illness Cover and Income Protection claims during 2020. All benefit statistics are representative of Vitality’s analysis of benefit usage across Life and Health plans during 2020.