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Why line managers do not need to be miracle workers to support staff wellbeing

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Supporting business quality

Working together towards better client outcomes is good for everybody.

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Clinically Speaking: Exploring cervical cancer - from preventative screening to support

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Dame Carol Black interview

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Five cancer care trends based on Vitality PMI claims data

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FCA Consumer Duty: What we already know

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  • Five ways to avoid cancellations during the cost of living crisis

    From increasing engagement to fostering long-term, loyal relationships with clients, there are various things financial advisers can do to help prevent cancellations during the cost of living crisis, writes Greg Levine and Adam Saville
  • Why now is the time to talk about indexation

    If financial advisers ignore indexation, the level of cover they put in place will decrease over time - often without clients realising it - writes Vitality’s Nick Telfer
  • Annette's Story: "I saw it as a chance to kickstart a new me”

    After following the advice of her financial adviser and buying into the Vitality Programme, Annette has lost three-and-a-half stone and run numerous 5Ks. She hasn’t looked back since.
  • Five ways financial advisers can support the mental health of clients

    From prevention to peace of mind to access to support, financial advisers are perfectly placed to support the mental health of clients.
  • Getting disclosure right: How to avoid client misrepresentation

    To reduce the chances of your client experiencing a declined claim due to non-disclosure or misrepresentation, advisers play a pivotal role.
  • Spotting vulnerable customers and getting the conversation right

    Here, we explore the way the regulator defines vulnerable customers and how financial advisers can best support their needs.
  • Five ways financial advisers can beat the cost of living crisis

    With inflation at its highest level since March 1992 and energy prices skyrocketing, the cost of living crisis in the UK has put financial advice into a whole new light, writes Greg Levine and Adam Saville.
  • How behavioural economics is being used to support employee wellbeing

    A structured behaviour change programme can be used to incentivise positive lifestyle choices in way that prevents serious illness and preserves the mental health and wellbeing of employees.
  • Rising inflation and how to hedge against it

    In the first of a two-part series for Insights Hub, Andrea Gianellini, Senior Investment Analyst for VitalityInvest, explores the hot topic of inflation and how it is likely to impact investors.
  • Spring Statement: Five takeaways for financial advisers

    The Chancellor’s measures to offset soaring cost of living have put the need for financial advice back into the spotlight.
  • Three tips to speed up pension/ISA consolidation

    From personalised support to pre-transfer checks and automatic tracking, the process of consolidating pensions and ISAs is getting quicker and easier. Here’s three tips to help speed them up.
  • How the digital revolution is transforming PMI

    With demand for digital healthcare and online servicing still rising, health insurance is evolving. Here’s how.
  • Five ways client engagement can boost your business

    Keeping clients engaged with their protection and health insurance plan is not just good for them. Advisers can enjoy a whole host of additional business benefits.
  • Heart disease: What causes it and how it can be prevented

    Dr Anushka Patchava, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Vitality, talks us through the most important factors that contribute to the risk of heart disease.
  • 'Families are complicated': Three ways a trust can help

    Understanding blended families can unlock IHT trust opportunities for financial advisers and add significant value to their business, writes Vitality tax expert Kim Jarvis.
  • Four ways technology is taking client reviews to the next level

    Personalised reports, tailored information and dynamic fund analytics are making it easier for financial advisers to do business. Here’s how client reviews are evolving.
  • Nick Telfer: Clients need actual value not 'added value'

    To really deliver value, protection should offer more than just additional services near – or at the point of – claim, writes Vitality’s Nick Telfer.
  • Why cancer cover is much more than just access to treatment

    From prevention to diagnostics and support after treatment, Dr Keith Klintworth, Managing Director, VitalityHealth, unpacks the breadth of support on offer for cancer patients through private medical insurance.
  • COVID-19 restrictions: Why have they been lifted?

    Are we becoming more immune to COVID-19? Is it getting less harmful? What is next for the pandemic? We asked members of the Vitality clinical team to shed some light.
  • Four misconceptions about the Vitality Programme dispelled

    There’s more than just rewards and incentives to the Vitality Programme – there’s a whole load of behavioural science behind it too, writes Greg Levine, Managing Director, Sales and Distribution, for Vitality.
  • Five things on financial advisers' radars as we approach Tax Year End

    From uncertain economic prospects to tax hikes on the horizon and rising inflation, there’s plenty for intermediaries to keep in mind as we head towards the end of the financial year.
  • Words of Wisdom: What's on the minds of Vitality senior leaders?

    We asked some Vitality senior leaders to share their words of wisdom at the start of 2022.
  • Four ways a global healthcare firm improved the lives of its staff

    Danish company Novo Nordisk utilised the Vitality Programme to engage its employees in sustained behaviour change, improving their health, wellbeing and productivity as a result.
  • There is no time like the present to talk about PMI with clients

    There are multiple reasons why now is the time to discuss the benefits of private medical insurance (PMI) with clients.
  • Five steps to help your clients actually keep their New Year's resolutions

    As well as helping your clients plan ahead financially, why not give them the tools they need to keep helpful habits locked in place for the long-term – not just the best part of a month?
  • ESG explored: What's on the horizon for ESG regulation?

    In light of the FCA’s recent discussion paper on Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR), financial advisers need to get ready for new rules, writes Prema Sohun, Technical Marketing Manager for VitalityInvest.
  • Five things you might not know about Serious Illness Cover

    Vitality’s Serious Illness Cover (SIC) covers significantly more conditions than any other provider and stays in place for longer.
  • Clinically Speaking: The current state of cancer services and screening opportunities

    In this episode of Clinically Speaking we look at the current state of cancer services and the importance of early and regular screenings.
  • Gabby Logan named for all-star Speaker Series Winter Programme

    Broadcaster and podcast host Gabby Logan will share her unique perspective on creating more supportive workplaces for women in their midlife as part of programme including Professor Hal Hershfield and Dr David R Hamilton.
  • Alan Knowles: 'I was able to tell my client she could claim almost £10,000 unexpectedly'

    Cura managing director Alan Knowles was recently able to tell his client she could claim for Rheumatoid Arthritis under her Serious Illness Cover plan through Vitality. Based on diagnosis alone, she would not have got a pay-out anywhere else.
  • Nick Telfer: Why not Serious Illness Cover?

    Considering its unique coverage for a number of common conditions, shouldn’t advisers feel compelled to justify why they haven’t recommended Serious Illness Cover, rather than why they have?
  • Assessing the value of ‘value-added services’

    Vitality’s Nick Telfer recently sat down with adviser Matthew Chapman and COVER editor John Brazier to weigh up the additional value available within protection propositions these days.
  • Hypertension: What is it and how is it treated?

    During Stress Awareness Month, Insights Hub hears from a clinical expert about the causes of high blood pressure, how it can be prevented and the changing role of health insurance.

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The big squeeze: The cost of living with Peter Komolafe.

Inflation, gas bills and food prices… the only certainty is that they are going up. Market volatility is nothing new to financial advisers, but what feels unique about the current economic climate is how much less clients will have to invest, save and spend on protection. Join former wealth manager, financial influencer and podcast host Peter Komolafe as we explore the fall-out of increasing cost of living and why value for money is the order of the day.
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