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Change IH

Life insurance

Critical Illness Cover needs more than just a name change

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Powerpoint 3

Health insurance

Watch our Clinically Speaking series on the topics and issues relevant to the world of private health insurance

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Supporting business quality

Working together towards better client outcomes is good for everybody.

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Five facts SIC you might not know

Life insurance

Five facts about Serious Illness Cover you might not know

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Five PMI trends

Health insurance

Five PMI trends based on Vitality claims data

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UK healthcare needs to innovate tile

Health insurance

In the face of significant volatility UK healthcare needs to innovate

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  • Health Insurance: The Next Generation

    On 19th October, we broadcast our 2023 Health Business Update. We unveiled a series of enhancements to our health insurance proposition. We also revealed our latest Health Claims Insights Report.
  • The world is changing fast. Protection also needs to

    Given the age of volatility we live in, protection needs to move with the times, writes Greg Levine, Chief Operations and Growth Officer at Vitality.
  • The protection market needs innovation - not consolidation

    With the life insurance market showing signs of consolidation, protection product development and competition through continued innovation has never been more vital, writes VitalityLife Managing Director Justin Taurog.
  • Why better client engagement is good for everyone

    Next in our Catalysing behaviour change series, Lara Fascione, Vitality Group Retention & Adviser Operations Director explores how harnessing the power of engagement can deliver benefits for clients and advisers alike.
  • Protection must evolve to meet changing customer needs

    With the ongoing economic challenges highlighting the need for better financial resilience, it’s never been more important for advisers to be discussing protection insurance with their clients, writes Justin Taurog, Managing Director VitalityLife.
  • Why making healthy decisions is not easy

    People are generally over-confident when it comes to their health, making meaningful lifestyle change is an uphill struggle. The answer to this lies in behavioural economics.
  • How advisers can overcome Optimism Bias

    People tend to be overconfident when it comes to certain risks, particularly their own health and wellbeing, but this is something advisers will be all-too familiar with, writes Greg Levine, Chief Operations and Growth Officer, Vitality.
  • Five super-convenient healthcare services your clients can use at home

    Whether it’s checking a lump or speaking to a GP, getting access to care when we need it most is fundamental to our health. There are now an increasing range of digital treatments available to your clients at their fingertips, writes Vitality Magazine’s Olivia Matsell.
  • Everything is digital these days... why not healthcare too?

    There’s increasingly no reason why digitisation shouldn’t be embraced within PMI, writes Greg Levine, Vitality’s Chief Operations and Growth Officer.
  • How to make employee wellbeing programmes inclusive

    Everyone is different. When it comes to employee wellbeing programmes, a one-size-fits-all approach is not enough.
  • How PMI can unlock employee health and wellbeing engagement

    PMI cover that provides employees with a proven behaviour change programme linked to healthcare benefits can be the key to unlocking engagement and driving positive lifestyle changes, writes Pippa Andrews, Director of Corporate Business for Vitality.
  • Why PMI needs to deliver everyday care

    Given the growing health challenges the country is facing, PMI needs to play an expanding role in helping to deliver better access to a broader range of healthcare, writes Dr Keith Klintworth, Managing Director for VitalityHealth.
  • Six reasons to choose Optimiser and why now

    With the cost-of-living crisis showing no signs of abating and many clients on a tighter budget than usual, unique plan options like Optimiser can be a great way of making protection cover more affordable, whilst unlocking immediate value for clients, writes Vitality Adviser Editor, Rob Harvey.
  • Health advisers on Consumer Duty impact

    We asked three leading health advisers to tell us how Consumer Duty will impact the PMI market.
  • Why there is no time like the present to discuss PMI with your clients

    With demand still high for private healthcare, there’s never been a better opportunity to discuss PMI with clients. Especially given the expanding range of everyday healthcare benefits on offer to clients, writes VitalityHealth Distribution Director, Athos Rushovich.
  • Prioritising protection in a challenging economic environment

    Unfortunately, the economic outlook for many in the UK is a gloomy one. However, this has increased the need for financial protection advice, not lessened it, writes Greg Levine, Chief Operations and Growth Officer for Vitality.
  • Why now is the time to talk about indexation

    If advisers ignore indexation, the level of cover they put in place will decrease over time - often without clients realising it - writes Vitality's Nick Telfer.
  • Unpacking Consumer Duty: Supporting vulnerable customers

    The pandemic and ongoing cost-of-living crisis have highlighted the importance of considering the needs of vulnerable customers, particularly within financial services, writes Steve Allibone, Group Compliance Director for Vitality.
  • Why isn't the UK getting healthier?

    In light of technological innovation and the health challenges we face in the UK, the insurance sector has an important role to play, writes Vitality CEO Neville Koopowitz.
  • Four ways income protection can flex to the changing needs of clients

    As a client’s life and circumstances change, it’s crucial that any protection cover they have in place remains suitable for their needs.
  • Five ways to ensure clients get more from their plan this summer

    On top of the obvious benefits of having cover in place for a rainy day, there are a range of benefits available for clients to enjoy when the sun is shining too, writes Greg Levine.
  • Unpacking Consumer Duty: The cross-cutting rules and how to avoid 'foreseeable harm'

    In the next instalment in our series, Vitality Group Compliance Director Steve Allibone investigates the impending ‘cross-cutting’ rules and what they might mean for financial advisers.
  • Why IP needs to do more for mental health

    From prevention through to private healthcare support at the point of claim notification to boosted payouts for those who engage in preventative lifestyle behaviour, the scope of income protection is expanding for mental health.
  • Five ways to support client mental health

    From preventative support to quick and easy access to treatment when it’s needed, advisers are perfectly placed to ensure the mental health of clients is fully covered, writes Greg Levine.
  • Children need the right cover too - Child Serious Illness Cover

    When it comes to protection conversations, getting some clients to consider their own needs can be difficult enough, but child illness can be an especially challenging conversation. Given the potential financial consequences for parents though, it’s a discussion that advisers cannot afford to ignore, writes Vitality’s Adviser Editor, Rob Harvey.
  • Five things PMI can do that your client might not know about

    Whether it’s helping clients access preventative support, primary care and diagnostics, or delivering more integrated end-to-end healthcare to drive better outcomes and deliver value from day one, PMI is expanding.
  • It's official! The UK is grappling with a productivity crisis

    With the recent Spring Budget putting productivity into the spotlight, organisations need to be putting more focus on workplace wellbeing – not less – writes Pippa Andrews, Director of Corporate Business, Vitality.
  • Five money-saving tips you can offer clients

    Once the need for protection and/or health insurance has been established, there has never been a better time to alert clients to the everyday savings they can make through plans, writes Vitality Sales and Distribution Managing Director Greg Levine.
  • Why now is the time for next generation insurance

    At a time when the UK is facing numerous social challenges, from the ongoing cost-of-living crisis to immense pressure on the NHS, there has never been a more relevant time to go above and beyond the scope of traditional insurance, writes Justin Taurog, Managing Director, VitalityLife.
  • ‘Serious Illness Cover served to ignite the market’ - Alan Lakey on 40 years of Critical Illness

    Following the recent enhancements and simplification of our Serious Illness Cover, Rob Harvey, VitalityAdviser Editor, caught up with CIExpert founder Alan Lakey to discuss how the market has evolved during its 40-year lifetime.
  • Unpacking Consumer Duty: What do 'good client outcomes' look like?

    At the heart of the new Consumer Duty regulations is a new consumer principle requiring firms to deliver ‘good’ client outcomes. Vitality Group Compliance Director, Steve Allibone weighs up what this might mean for advisers.
  • Five benefits of health checks for you and your client

    It’s not just clients who reap the benefits of a health check through their insurance plan – advisers do too, writes Vitality Sales and Distribution Director Greg Levine.

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