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Workplace wellbeing

Four ways a global healthcare firm improved the lives of its staff

Pharma employee

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Agents of Change: Video Series

We’ve all got our reasons to make positive changes in life. That includes you and your clients.

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Health insurance

Clinically Speaking: Giving up smoking. What happens when you quit? - with Quit Genius

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Adviser talking to clients

Health insurance

There is no time like the present to talk about PMI with clients

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New years resolutions

Healthy living

Five steps to help your clients actually keep their New Year's resolutions

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ESG regulation


ESG Explored: What's on the horizon for ESG regulation?

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  • Five things you might not know about Serious Illness Cover

    Vitality’s Serious Illness Cover (SIC) covers significantly more conditions than any other provider and stays in place for longer.
  • Clinically Speaking: The current state of cancer services and screening opportunities

    In this episode of Clinically Speaking we look at the current state of cancer services and the importance of early and regular screenings.
  • Gabby Logan named for all-star Speaker Series Winter Programme

    Broadcaster and podcast host Gabby Logan will share her unique perspective on creating more supportive workplaces for women in their midlife as part of programme including Professor Hal Hershfield and Dr David R Hamilton.
  • Make sure your client and their loved one gets the perfect gift this Christmas...

    Choosing the right type of plan is vital in ensuring any inheritance tax liability is covered when a client makes a gift to another, but this can be confusing for financial advisers. Using two case studies, Vitality tax expert Kim Jarvis explains how it should be done.
  • Alan Knowles: 'I was able to tell my client she could claim almost £10,000 unexpectedly'

    Cura managing director Alan Knowles was recently able to tell his client she could claim for Rheumatoid Arthritis under her Serious Illness Cover plan through Vitality. Based on diagnosis alone, she would not have got a pay-out anywhere else.
  • Nick Telfer: Why not Serious Illness Cover?

    Considering its unique coverage for a number of common conditions, shouldn’t advisers feel compelled to justify why they haven’t recommended Serious Illness Cover, rather than why they have?
  • Five trends shaping healthcare: Self-care condition management

    With the management of chronic conditions shifting onto patients, we sat down with Dr Anushka Patchava, Deputy Chief Medical Officer at Vitality, to hear about how the healthcare landscape is evolving.
  • This time it's personalised: Why 'Next Best Action' is the future of prevention

    ‘Next Best Action’ uses behavioural science to encourage clients to quit smoking, become a healthier weight or get active in a way that will add healthier years to their lifespan.
  • Allan Lamb: 'Men are too embarrassed or scared to get checked'

    Former England cricket captain Allan Lamb opens up about his recent encounter with prostate cancer, the importance of regular health screenings and why he is encouraging everyone to take out private medical insurance.
  • Why increasing physical activity is good for the economy and society

    We investigate how increased levels of physical activity are not just good for your clients, they are good for the economy and wider society too.
  • Five ways employees can take control of their own wellbeing

    Empowering employees to look after themselves is not only good for them, it’s good for business and for wider society too. Here’s why.
  • Emma Thomson: 'Advisers can help clients make better lifestyle choices'

    We spoke to Sesame Bankhall Group’s Emma Thomson about how protection propositions are evolving to help advisers encourage their clients to make healthier decisions at a time when wellbeing is very much in the spotlight.
  • ESG explored: How to research ESG funds and justify your recommendations

    We sat down with Defaqto’s Danny Luggah to hear about the key considerations for financial advisers when it comes to carrying out due diligence around sustainable investments.
  • The importance of trusts when protecting your client and their loved ones

    The pandemic is driving demand for better quality protection advice so writing business into trust is more vital now than ever before, writes Vitality tax and trust expert Kim Jarvis.
  • Five talking points for financial advisers following Autumn Budget

    Despite the light-touch approach to tax in the Chancellor’s recent Spending Review, there were still plenty of takeaways from a financial planning perspective.
  • "Cancer is never easy... but my health insurance makes it easier"

    During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we sat down with Georgie and her mum Kim to hear about how her private medical insurance (PMI) plan not only helped her discover her diagnosis at a surprisingly young age, it has allowed her enough flexibility to still do the things that she loves.
  • Five things financial advisers can do to prevent cancellations

    Drewberry director Tom Conner shares his top tips to increasing client engagement and reducing cancellations through encouraging clients to get the most out of their plans.
  • Clinically Speaking: Clinically Speaking: The importance of preventative dentistry

    Dr Harpreet Sarna, Medical Director at Vitality, looks at what exactly preventative dentistry as well as the main causes of tooth loss.
  • The carrot but not the stick: The psychology of employee engagement

    A whole load of psychology and behavioural economics goes into building an effective wellbeing programme that successfully encourages positive lifestyle choices. Here are eight tips to offering the right rewards.
  • Roy Allaway: "Clients buy into it and get really involved"

    We spoke to protection adviser Roy Allaway about how he ensures his clients get the most out of Vitality and how he also benefits as a result.
  • Athos Rushovich: "I am living proof it can happen to anyone"

    Since his shock triple heart bypass earlier this year, Vitality Sales Director Athos Rushovich has returned to work with a renewed passion to spread the word far and wide about the value of financial planning.
  • People are living longer but in poorer health, research reveals

    Report shows people in the UK are spending an average of 12 years in ill-health.
  • What are the mental health benefits of physical activity?

    We unpack the many positive benefits of physical activity for our mental health and wellbeing, from reducing depression and improving our mood to better sleep quality.
  • ESG explored: How to talk about sustainability with clients

    Financial adviser at Resolve Financial Solutions, Jack Dudley, shares how he has fully embraced sustainable investing by integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) funds into his advice process.

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Speaker Series - 26 January 2022: 3-4pm

Connecting our current and future selves: Professor Hal Hershfield and maximising our ‘healthspan’.

Most of us feel a disconnect between our current and future selves as human beings. This emotional divide sees us making bad decisions especially when it comes to what we eat, healthy lifestyle choices, and money. Join Professor Hal Hershfield, UCLA behavioural science scholar, as he delves into the cognitive and behavioural biases that prevent people from tacking action today to support their long-term physical, mental and financial wellbeing.
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