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Health insurance

Five things we learnt from the Health Claims Report 2024

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Webinar series

The most pressing issues impacting health and protection advisers explored

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Supporting business quality

Working together towards better client outcomes is good for everybody.

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closing the protection gap

Sales as a Force for Good

Overcoming 'present bias': The key to closing the protection gap?

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Shared value

Five truths about Vitality that might surprise you

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IH moving forward

Life insurance

Justin Taurog: 'Our industry needs to challenge the status quo'

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  • Dr. Keith Klintworth: 'The healthcare landscape has fundamentally changed'

    Unprecedented demand combined with an unhealthy population and expansion of everyday care services is transforming the way we are delivering health insurance, writes VitalityHealth Managing Director, Dr Keith Klintworth.
  • Gwen's Story: 'Because of the rewards, I decided to keep my PMI'

    When Gwen decided to "rewire" rather than retire, it was the additional benefits offered through the Vitality Programme, which reward her for keeping active, that helped her decide to keep her PMI in place.
  • The expanding role of PMI and mental healthcare

    With worsening rates of mental health and access to public-health services stretched, PMI is increasingly playing a crucial role in helping people to manage their mental wellbeing.
  • Julian's Story: 'My morning run is my mental break'

    In our latest story, VitalityHealth member Julian shares how his morning run helps him keep fit both mentally and physically.
  • Five steps to get staff active: The mental benefits of physical activity

    With the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week ‘moving for our mental health’, we dig into the connections between physical activity and mental health and offer some tips for employers to get their staff more active.
  • 'Know your numbers' - How Vitality can help your clients better understand their health

    Whether it’s wearable fitness devices, personalised wellbeing and nutrition apps or health screenings, it’s never been easier for people to know their numbers, writes Greg Levine.
  • Rob Harvey: Protection advice has never been more needed

    With UK households under-protected, the role of advisers in delivering thorough, comprehensive protection advice has never been more important, writes Vitality Adviser Editor, Rob Harvey.
  • Nick Telfer: 'Rethinking mortgage protection'

    In light of changing regulations, alongside evolving consumer needs, 'is it time to rethink mortgage protection?' asks Vitality's Head of Protection Development, Nick Telfer.
  • Prevention is about more than just wellbeing

    With rising numbers of people living with long-term health conditions, we must prioritise the prevention of illness to offset unprecedented healthcare demand. But it needs to be about more than just promoting healthy living, writes Dr Keith Klintworth, Managing Director VitalityHealth.
  • Dame Carol Black: 'Your people are your profits'

    We caught up with Professor Dame Carol Black, Chair of the government’s new Occupational Health Taskforce, to explore why prioritising the health and wellbeing of staff has never been more important.
  • Continuous Critical Illness Cover has never been more needed

    Due to a range of external factors, there’s never been a greater need for cover to remain in place for longer after a claim has been paid, writes Director of IFA Distribution at Vitality, Justin Garbutt.
  • We can no longer ignore later life care needs

    With an inexorable rise in conditions requiring later-life care and the public sector already under pressure, it’s time for the protection sector to step up and do more to support clients prepare for the future, writes VitalityLife Managing Director Justin Taurog.
  • The world is moving fast organisations also need to

    Against a backdrop of immense change in the UK, a more considered approached to employee wellbeing interventions is what’s needed, writes Pippa Andrews Director of Corporate Business for Vitality.
  • James' Story: 'Screening saved my life'

    To mark Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in March, Vitality member James offers his story showing the power of screening and how early intervention positively impacted his prostate cancer diagnosis.
  • Three real life claims you might not expect to be paid

    VitalityLife Managing Director, Justin Taurog, talks us through three real-life claim case studies to remind us of the power of comprehensive severity-based cover.
  • Supporting employees in an ever changing workplace

    Dame Carol Black and Director of the Vitality Performance Champions, Maggie Alphonsi, explored how employers are supporting staff in a rapidly changing world on our recent Forward Thinking webinar.
  • 'Prevention is in our DNA'

    Given high demand and rising claims incidence, embedding prevention into private medical insurance (PMI) is helping to manage costs and deliver better health outcomes, writes VitalityHealth Distribution Director Athos Rushovich.
  • What is a habit and why does it matter?

    By applying an understanding of behavioural economics, we can be much more effective in helping people to make positive lifestyle choices and form healthy habits that last.
  • 'The tide is changing! Now is the time for quality over price'

    The protection market needs to move with times, which means embracing quality over price once and for all, writes Vitality’s Chief Operations and Growth Officer Greg Levine.
  • Health leaders call for preventative approach to healthcare

    A landmark report into the state of health and social care in Britain, using Vitality data, was published at The Times Health Summit in London.
  • Three key insights from Britain's Healthiest Workplace

    With UK productivity steadily declining and UK employees facing a raft of health and wellbeing challenges, we share what we’ve learnt from our latest set of Britain’s Healthiest Workplace data.
  • Hayley's Story - Serious Illness Cover case study

    With people more likely to survive a serious illness than ever, the need for cover to remain in place after a claim has never been more important. As Hayley Morris found out first hand.
  • Traditional forms of protection are swiftly becoming outdated

    In the year ahead, the protection industry can play a vital role in not just helping people become more financially resilient but healthier too. However, the industry must keep evolving to meet the changing needs of consumers and their adviser, writes VitalityLife Managing Director Justin Taurog.
  • Claire Ginnelly on Vitality's new intermediary board

    We sat down with Claire Ginnelly, industry expert and chair of Vitality’s Health Intermediary Advisory Board, to hear how Vitality is collaborating with advisers to tackle the issues they’re facing and deliver sustainable healthcare fit for the rapidly changing PMI landscape.
  • To close the protection gap IP must work harder

    It's essential that income protection meets the needs of today’s consumers and their adviser – not yesterday’s – writes Rob Harvey, Vitality Adviser Editor.
  • "So seamless, the care has been really exceptional" - Ashleigh's Story

    With everyday care services, such as virtual GPs, in high demand and now an integral part of health insurance plans, Vitality member Ashleigh shares her experience using the Vitality GP app and how it helped to secure an integrated referral as part of a seamless healthcare journey.
  • How our healthy choices are all connected (and why this matters)

    To improve people’s health and wellbeing requires a holistic approach. At a time when UK health is on the decline and impacting productivity, it’s clear that more needs to be done upstream to drive sustainable behaviour change and help people live in better health.
  • "We have got to find smarter ways to manage demand"

    VitalityHealth Managing Director Dr Keith Klintworth recently sat down with Owain Thomas, Editor and Research Director at Health & Protection, to discuss how PMI products are evolving to meet the changing needs of clients in the current market. Watch the interview below.
  • Five facts about Serious Illness Cover you might not know

    By adopting an alternative approach to how the product works, more aligned to the trends shaping our world and the evolving needs of today’s consumer, Serious Illness Cover can help to deliver better outcomes and more relevant cover for your clients.
  • Critical Illness Cover needs more than just a name change

    Given the rapidly changing needs of clients, critical illness cover needs more than just a rebrand, writes Greg Levine, Chief Operations and Growth Officer at Vitality.
  • Five PMI trends based on Vitality claims data

    With the healthcare landscape shifting significantly in recent times, these are the main trends currently shaping the PMI market.
  • In the face of significant volatility UK healthcare needs to innovate

    To remain sustainable and meet the changing needs of society, the PMI sector will need to adapt and innovate, writes Dr Keith Klintworth, Managing Director VitalityHealth.

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