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Putting your clients in control of their health care

The fast, easy way to access care

Care Hub is a fully digital journey for your clients to make a claim, or manage an ongoing claim. It connects your clients to the treatment they need, in just a few clicks.

Our goal is to give your clients full control of their end-to-end healthcare. And through Care Hub, they can:

  • Access Cancer support and services, like Cancer risk assessments and breast lump services
  • Arrange to see a Vitality GP - at a time that suits them
  • Arrange up to six physio and eight mental health sessions, without a GP referral
  • If referred, choose their consultant and book an appointment straight away
  • And keep track of their claims at every stage
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A place to book care, all in one place

We're committed to giving your clients a seamless experience.

Through Care Hub your client will be able to:

  • Make and manage claims entirely online
  • Get an immediate referral from a Vitality GP for onwards treatment - they should expect a confirmation of the authorisation in minutes
  • Able to request follow-up tests and treatments, if needed

Key features

Your clients can manage their healthcare, all in one place

Speak to a GP quickly

Your clients can book an appointment with a Vitality GP, at a time that suits them

Self-refer for treatment

Refer themselves for physiotherapy, mental health support, and Cancer risk assessments

Instant treatment decisions

Once care is requested through Care Hub, they'll receive an instant authorisation decision

Select and book consultants

Research and book consultants online, at a hospital local to them

Access their plan 24/7

Care Hub has everything your client needs to know about their plan, all in one place

Manage their plan

View and manage their approved treatments, bills and payments, and track progress

How does Care Hub work?

Arrange care

Care Hub can be accessed on Member Zone, under the Health tab.

Once in Care Hub, your client can self-refer for physiotherapy, and mental health sessions

To arrange a Vitality GP appointment, your client can download the Vitality GP app. From there they can book an appointment quickly, and at a time that suits them.

Receive instant authorisation

Following their GP appointment, if necessary, your client will receive an immediate digital authorisation of their care via email.

This will allow your clients to organise any follow-up appointments, treatments or prescriptions. 

Through our Consultant Finder, members will also be able to select which consultant they want to see and book an appointment straight away.

Manage follow-on care

All follow-on care, such a test requests or any further treatment, can be managed through Care Hub.

They'll also be able to check in on an existing claim.

Making it easier to claim with Vitality

Since the launch of Care Hub, the adoption of online care has been rapid

Message medical

Most claims start online

Around 50% of Vitality's claims start online 


Lower waiting times

The average time from referral to results is only 4 days for digital skin diagnostics

Video GP

Rise in online appointments

There were 114,000 Vitality GP consultations in 2022 - a 55% rise since 2021

Private hospital

Shorter hospital stays

Members seeing a Premier Consultant have 61% shorter hospital stays

VitalityHealth Claims Insights Report, 2023 

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Our Premier Consultants are delivering better client outcomes

We've created a carefully selected panel of Premier Consultants who deliver better treatment outcomes for our members. Including:

  • Lower rates of hospital re-admission
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Seeing the right consultant, the first time

We've assessed consultants based on 400 data points across treatment outcomes, clinical practice measures, and treatment efficiency.

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