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Explore our Claims and Benefits Report 2023

Find out how we supported clients in 2022 through market-leading protection cover and health and wellbeing benefits.

Cover your clients with our 5-star Defaqto rated life insurance.

  • CriticalIllnessStandaloneRating520062023
  • Income-Protection-Rating-5-2009-2023
  • LifeAssuranceLevelRating520152023
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A unique approach to life insurance

We make sure your clients get more from their cover. We protect them when things go wrong and reward them for being healthy.

We encourage them to get healthy with discounts, and reward them for their efforts. The more your client does to get healthy, the more we can offer them. Your client can also reduce their premium by getting healthier too – paying a fairer price for their life insurance.

Find out how we have further enhanced and streamlined our protection proposition as part of our ongoing journey as a next generation insurer.

Explore our plans

Cover that doesn’t just protect your clients when things go wrong, it rewards them for being healthy too.

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Personal Protection

Personalise our cover to suit your client’s needs.

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Business Protection

Protect your client’s business needs when they need it most.

Health insurance

Relevant Life Plan

Giving employees peace of mind with tax-efficient cover.

Give your clients the right cover

Supporting the everyday needs of your clients with our forward-thinking life cover.

Award-winning cover

Recommend cover that rewards healthy living, delivering real value to your clients from day one.

Our best available premium

Your clients can enjoy our best available premium of up to 40% lower than standard when they add Optimiser to their plan

Reduce lapse rates

Your clients are more likely to stay with us - lapse rates are up to 39% lower for clients who engage with the Programme.1

Your Vitality support network

Over 100 UK-wide Business Consultants offering one-to-one support.

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New to selling life insurance?

We’re here to support and empower you with a wide range of online tools, interactive sales aids, brochures, and videos.

With our new tool, you can show your clients why Vitality is the right choice for them. Using data from our latest claims report, you can easily create a personalised document to demonstrate the power of Vitality.

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Up to 40% off their premium

Offer your clients the best available premium with up to 40% lower than standard, when they add Optimiser to their plan.

Clients with Optimiser were 30% less likely to make a life insurance claim and up to 59% less likely to lapse their plan than those without Optimiser1.

Why protection needs to evolve in line with the changing needs of people today

Our Chief Operations and Growth Officer at Vitality, Greg Levine joins COVER in their studios to explore why protection needs to evolve in line with the changing needs of people today. Using data from our latest Life Claims and Benefits Report, we discuss:

  • How protection insurance is evolving
  • The importance of comprehensive cover
  • The role prevention can play in your clients’ protection
  • How advisers can benefit from the Vitality Programme?

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1 Vitality experience analysis, 2022.
2 VitalityLife experience analysis, rolling lapse rates between Oct 2020 - September 2021. VitalityLife Claims and Benefits Report, 2022.