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Forward thinking health and life insurance

As a next generation insurer, we aim to offer your clients the right cover for them along with immediate value. As well as providing you as an adviser with all the support you need.

Better Support

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Always happy to see you

We provide a wide range of resources and support, all designed to help you grow your business and empower you to have positive client conversations.

Our unique network of over 100 Business Consultants and Specialists, local to you, that are available to you from the get-go for dedicated one-to-one support, offer advice and expertise to support your business performance.

From our Adviser Hubs that enable you to easily service and manage your clients' needs 24/7. To our resource libraries and online tools that help break down our health and life cover, providing you with assets to support you and your clients throughout the member journey. A selection of resources can be also be ordered online so you can have a physical copy to use with your clients.

Your Vitality network

Over 100 UK-wide Business Consultants and Specialists, local to you, offering one-to-one support.

24/7 access

Easily service and manage your clients' needs through Adviser Hub.

Resources and insights

A wide range of assets where you'll find everything you need to empower you to have positive client conversations. From sales aids and videos to online tools and e-templates, as well as thought-leadership articles.

Vitality Academy

Multi-digital learning built around you, with content catering for varying needs and experience. From foundational knowledge, to in-depth expertise and key leaders guiding you through current industry trends.

Better Cover


The next generation of insurance

Through supporting the everyday needs of your clients with our forward-thinking life and health cover, we deliver real value from day one.

The continuing cost-of-living crisis, as well as declining rates of population health1 and record numbers out of work due to illness,2 have heightened the need for financial protection and the demand for private medical insurance3.

Clients are understandably looking for immediate, tangible value. In 2023, we announced enhancements to our life and health cover that can offer your clients more value. This is the next generation of insurance.

Award-winning cover

Recommend cover that rewards healthy living, delivering real value to your clients from day one, that also evolves to meet changing customer needs.

Reduced lapse rates

Cut lapse rates by up to 39% with clients who engage in the Vitality Programme.4

Significant health benefits

Engaged members are more likely to live longer, healthier lives. Active members can reduce their risk of death by up to 41%.4

Digitalising healthcare

We give your clients control of their treatment journey through state-of-the-art digital care services.

Better Value


Day one value

With our cover, your clients get access to the Vitality Programme. It's the world's largest health promotion programme linked to insurance - with proven results.5 

This benefits your clients by driving improvements in behaviour and long-term health, and in turn benefits you by giving your clients more reason to stay.

Not only do our most highly engaged Platinum members make significant savings on their annual premiums through our partners and rewards, even Bronze members saved, on average, almost 25% of their annual premium.6

Discounts and rewards

£60m paid back to members through discounts and rewards in 2022.7

Immediate value

Members saved 28% of their premium through rewards on average.7

The Vitality Programme

The world's largest health promotion programme linked to insurance - with proven results.5

Higher client engagement

A proven Programme which has 10 times higher engagement than other wellbeing programmes.8

We’re here to help

Your Business Consultant is always ready to support you. 

Health insurance

Health insurance

Call us on 0345 051 0044. Lines open Monday-Friday 8.30am-5:30pm

Life insurance

Life insurance

Call us on 0345 601 0072. Lines open Monday-Friday 8.30am-6pm


Business Consultant

Unsure who your Business Consultant is? Email us to find out. 

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