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Online GP appointments, prescriptions, consultant referrals and more with the Vitality GP app.

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Your clients can say goodbye to the doctor's waiting room

Our Vitality GP app makes it quick and easy for your clients to speak to a doctor about any aspect of their health, just as they would with their regular GP, at a time that suits them. A Vitality GP can offer medical help and wellness advice as well as issue private prescriptions and onward referrals.

Livi is the provider of the Vitality GP service and is registered with the Care Quality Commission – an independent regulator to ensure the service provides your clients with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care. 


The next generation of health insurance

We're thrilled to share the changes we're making to our health insurance in 2023. Including:

  • Key enhancements to three existing products - cancer risk assessments for all, self-referral for skin analytics and easier access to physio support
  • A new Condition Checker Tool available on Quick Quote
  • Improvements to our digital care journey on Care Hub
  • And our brand-new Health Claims Insights report

The benefits to your clients

Video GP

Book GP appointments

Including evenings and Saturdays with fast consultant referrals if your client needs onward treatment. Plus, prescriptions delivered to your client’s chosen pharmacy, usually in hours.

Running shoe

Access to Priority Physio

Members can self-refer for access to our network of physiotherapists for a range of muscle, bone and joint issues.1

Mental health

Mental health referrals

Members can self-refer for face-to-face counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), as well as video consultations with a trained psychologist.

Message medical

Trusted advice

Access to a pre-booking symptom checker as well as trusted physical and mental health information and wellness advice based on your clients’ lifestyle.

What's included?

Vitality GP consultations

Unlimited virtual GP video consultations through Vitality GP, each plan year for each member.Appointments are available from 08:00 – 20:00 Monday – Friday and 08:00 – 16:00 Saturdays, excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Self-referred physio

Clients can refer themselves to see a physiotherapist from our Priority Physio network and self-referral to a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist or Counsellor from our Talking Therapies network. Bookable through the Vitality GP app and Care Hub.

Prescriptions and blood tests

Up to £100 per plan year towards prescriptions and minor diagnostic tests, such as blood tests, x-ray or ultrasound. This includes private prescriptions for short-term conditions only.3

Face-to-Face GP consultations

At least two each plan year for each member through our partners Doctors Clinic Group, DocTap and Rood Lane Surgery. They'll need to make a £20 upfront payment each time they book a consultation and we'll cover the rest.

Access to Health Advice Line

Which provides fast, 24/7 expert clinical advice, support and guidance for non-urgent, non-life-threatening conditions from trained healthcare professionals. If your client needs a GP appointment, the healthcare professional can direct them to their Vitality GP app for a video or face-to-face GP consultation.4

Availability in other regions

Clients in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man

Members in these regions can't yet book an online consultation through the app, but we do have a separate video consultation service available for them. They can schedule a video consultation online through Doctors Clinic Group’s simple online booking form which will be sent directly to them by email. These clients can still use the Vitality GP app to access general mental and physical health information.

To claim back the cost of a private prescription, or to make a claim following the use of the online consultation service, members simply email with the details of their request, their Vitality membership number and contact telephone number.

If your client requires medical advice and they’re 18 years old or over, they can get in touch with us directly on 0345 602 3523. Our opening hours are Monday - Friday: 8am - 7pm and Saturday: 9am - 1pm

Clients in Scotland and Northern Ireland

The Vitality GP app is available to your clients based in Scotland and Northern Ireland to book video consultations and use the Health Advice Line, as well as access general mental and physical health information.

We will continue to offer the online video consultation service through Doctors Clinic Group, to ensure there are no additional delays for your clients needing to see a GP.

Mobile interaction

Photo ID check

To help safeguard your clients and keep their personal and medical data secure, we’ve added a photo ID check to the Vitality GP app booking process.

They can do this in three simple steps:

  1. Take a picture of their photo ID using their phone’s camera. We accept passports, driver’s licences or National ID cards. Your clients can use the ‘Contact App support’ tab on the Vitality GP app to get in touch if they have a different form of photo ID.
  2. Check the name and date of birth on their ID matches the details we hold for them within the Vitality GP app.
  3. Upload the picture of their ID when they make a booking – they will only need to do this once.

If your client’s name or date of birth on the Vitality GP app is different to those on their ID, they can update their details by contacting Vitality on:

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  1. Treatment is covered in full when Out-patient Cover is selected. If Out-patient Cover is not selected up to 6 sessions of physiotherapy are available when arranged through our Priority Physio network. Available on all Personal Healthcare, Business Healthcare and Corporate Healthcare plans as part of Core Cover.
  2. Clients on a Vitality Essentials plan are limited to four consultations per plan year.
  3. Clients on a Vitality Essentials plan do not have cover for private prescriptions and minor diagnostic tests.
  4. Members on London Care will have access to unlimited appointments.