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Next Best Action

Helping your clients to live longer in good health.

Next Best Action uses our data science capabilities and expertise in understanding individual health risks, to provide your clients with the one action that would have the biggest impact on their future health.

We do this by:

  • Predicting the most important action they can take to improve their health
  • Directing them to useful Vitality partners or recommending personalised support pathways where eligible
  • Incentivising them to take action, through added Vitality points and Status Boosts

Next Best Action marks an important milestone in the evolution of the Vitality Programme towards an even more personalised and relevant experience for your clients. These journeys, which offer significant support and value, will tackle key causes of ill-health, and further help us deliver on our core purpose to make our members healthier and enhance and protect their lives. 

Our journey

Our Healthy Weight journey is tackling one of the most important drivers of ill-health and represents a significant enhancement of the support we can offer to our most at-risk members. We are continuing to develop additional personalised health journeys for our members – so that we can continue to build on the foundational pathway of the Vitality Programme which targets the key health behaviours of physical activity, nutrition and mental wellbeing.

Second Nature1

Powering our Healthy Weight journey. 
Clients who meet the eligibility criteria can get the help they need to lose weight with Second Nature by getting access to the app for a year for £20. Through the digital course, they can get personal coaching and all the help they need to reach their target and boost their long-term health.
More on Second Nature

How does it work?

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    Your client will need to complete their online Health Review, which will determine if they are eligible for the Healthy Weight journey

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    If they are eligible, they need to sign up to Second Nature through our Member app

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    Your clients are now ready to get started

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    They can finish the course and achieve their goals. If your client completes the Healthy weight journey, they could earn up to 2,400 Vitality points.

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    Your clients will still be able to use the Second Nature app for the rest of the year.

If your client is not eligible, they can still complete the Healthy Weight journey, but they will not be able to earn any Vitality points for doing so.

Where to next?

  •              Second Nature                                                                   

    12 months access to Second Nature for £20, to help your clients get healthier.

  • Why 'Next Best Action' is the future of prevention

    ‘Next Best Action’ uses behavioural science to encourage clients to quit smoking, become a healthier weight or get active in a way that will add healthier years to their lifespan.

1. Your clients can only sign up once and they must be 18 + to be eligible. Further terms and conditions apply.