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Because the world is moving fast, health and protection also needs to. To equip advisers with the knowledge they need to meet the needs of clients in an ever-changing market, our webinar series Forward Thinking with Vitality will get under the skin of the most pressing issues impacting protection and health advisers today. Join our monthly panel of industry thinkers and market commentators to debate the hottest topics, tackle the most current conversations and unpack the latest industry insights.

Broadcast date: 20th June

Life Claims 2024: Exploring the trends impacting the protection market

Our collective industry pays out billions each year in claims and plays a vital role in strengthening the financial resilience of UK households.

But in a rapidly changing world, with consumer needs and expectations shifting, as well as wider trends impacting the market, what does the latest claim data tell us about the future of the market and how we can best rise to those challenges?

Join us as we explore in more detail the latest 2024 VitalityLife Claims & Benefits report, alongside our panel of advisers and industry experts.

Panel:  Adam Higgs - Protection Guru;
Andy Philo - Vitality;
Julie Botha - Vitality;
Andrew McCurrie - Vitality

Chair: Rob Harvey, Adviser Editor, Vitality

Broadcast date: 25th July

Rethinking PMI and unlocking the power of prevention

With the UK not getting any healthier and rising rates of lifestyle-related ill-health, it’s clear that traditional healthcare models have needed a rethink. Despite increased national focus on prevention in recent years, around two-thirds of the nation are overweight or obese and more than five million are living with diabetes3.

Promoting healthier lifestyles alone is not the answer, what’s obvious is that people need the means to change their behaviour, unlock healthier habits and sustain them. However, through PMI, prevention can go beyond that, through seamless access to screening and early intervention, alongside treatment when needed, as part of a joined-up, end-to-end care journey.

Amid ongoing NHS pressure and as demand for health insurance continues to grow, join us to get under the skin of what’s really at the heart of prevention and explore how PMI is evolving.

Panel: David Middleton - AMII;
Dr. Katie Tryon - Vitality

Chair: Rob Harvey, Adviser Editor, Vitality

Broadcast date: 15th August

Healthier people, healthier planet: Prioritising ESG now and in the future

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to deliver on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations, but are they using this opportunity to prioritise the health and wellbeing of their workforce enough?

With the drop in productivity levels having more than doubled over the past decade and health and wellbeing declining in the UK5, organisations investing in their people are reaping the rewards through lower absenteeism, less presenteeism and greater levels of employee satisfaction, leading to more engaged, motivated and loyal staff. More than ever, this is expected by staff, and the right thing to do socially, tying neatly into whatever ESG strategies might be in place to help create not just a more sustainable planet, but a more sustainable workforce too.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the connections between environmental, social and governance within organisations, and how they can be incorporated into workplace wellbeing schemes to improve staff productivity and be used to create buy-in at board level.

Panel: Deepak Jobanputra - Vitality;
Crista Cullen - Businesswomen & Conversationist

Chair: Adam Saville, Chief Editor, Vitality

Broadcasted 23rd May

The Conditions Gap: What's next for critical illness insurance?

Given the arrival of Consumer Duty, there has never been a greater opportunity to embrace critical illness product innovation and to recommend products that are moving in line with these trends. Watch back as we uncovered what the future holds for critical illness insurance with the help of leading industry experts, and hear from Hayley, a real-life claimant herself.

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1. Cancer Research UK, accessed 2024
2. MacMillan, Living after diagnosis, median cancer survival times, accessed 2023
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