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How Vitality engagement can reduce risk of COVID death

Published 20/04/2021
Claims data from our parent company Discovery Group shows that engagement in the Vitality Programme could be a factor in saving lives during the pandemic – even for those with at least one underlying health condition as well as members over 60.

Planholders who engage with the behavioural changes of the Vitality Programme have a 81% lower risk of dying after contracting COVID-19 than those who do not participate, new data from our parent company Discovery Group has suggested.

The statistics, included as part of a recent special report1, also revealed that these improved outcomes are reflected by clients with at least one underlying health condition – there was 71% reduction in mortality risk for those who engage with Vitality. In addition, for members over the age of 60, a 74% reduction in mortality was found.

Taken from data involving thousands of South African members with a known coronavirus diagnosis (Discovery Group paid out £70m worth of life claims for COVID-19 in 2020), the findings reinforce the potentially life-saving impact of our Shared Value approach to life insurance, which incentivises members to address four main lifestyle risk factors.

In the UK, we have seen a 27% reduction in the risk of complications amongst Vitality members with high physical activity levels2.

As we explored in a recent article, we estimate that someone aged 65 who’s highly engaged in their health and wellness could experience a 22% lower Covid-19 mortality risk than an unengaged 45-year-old, and similar patterns are observable for other diseases and conditions as well.


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1. Discovery South Africa Covid-19 Special report March 2021
2. Vitality member data and Covid cash claim analysis

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