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Relevant Life Policy

Good Health, Good Business

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Why Relevant Life Policy?

Relevant Life Policies can save your clients nearly 50% tax compared to an ordinary life policy. Use our interactive Tax Savings Calculator to find out how much your clients could save with our Relevant Life Policy.

With VitalityLife's Relevant Life Policy, they can help their employees lead healthier lives and reward them with a range of discounts and rewards.

The Vitality difference

With our Relevant Life Policy employees get life insurance as well as access to a range of discounts and rewards that mean they don’t need to claim to benefit from the policy.

We give employees discounts on things that help them get healthy, like health screenings and stop-smoking sessions as well as rewards such as a cinema ticket at Cineworld and Vue and a drink at Starbucks each week for getting active.

Video: A healthy work environment enables a business to thrive

A good business is a healthy business. Seb Coe discusses the importance of the balance of health and work, and how a healthy and happy working environment for employees provides the platform to business success.

Why should you speak to your clients about Relevant Life Policies?

The benefits for your clients

  • It's tax efficient with nearly 50% tax savings. This means a tax deductible business expense and no National Insurance contributions. Try our Tax Savings Calculator.
  • It's available to companies of all sizes on an individual basis
  • It will help your clients to attract and retain the best people
  • Our product also has great employee benefits for small businesses
  • The more employees engage with Vitality, they will become fitter and healthier, meaning less time off and an increase in productivity!
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Not just good for your clients

The benefits for you

As an adviser, our Relevant Life Policy is not only good for your clients but it is also good for you for a range of reasons:

  • You can offer your clients more than just a standard Relevant Life Policy
  • We have a great employee benefit package to sell to your business clients
  • There is an opportunity to sell further business solutions; loan protection, key person, shareholder business and VitalityHealth SME schemes.
Download our Relevant Life Policy client sales aid

Who are Relevant Life Policies suitable for?

  • Company Directors

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    Directors of limited companies can enjoy valuable tax benefits if the premiums for life insurance are paid by one company instead of from personal income after tax.

  • High earners

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    The benefits of Relevant Life Polices do not count towards the current Lifetime Allowance of £1 million, above which tax is currently charged at 55% tax (on death).

  • Specific employees

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    A Relevant Life Policy can provide individually calculated cover levels so are suitable where companies only want to reward several employees or provide variable cover.

Employee benefits for SMEs

Rewards for being healthy

Have you thought of adding Vitality Optimiser and Vitality Plus so you can offer your clients  and their employees even more?

If Vitality Optimiser or Vitality Plus are added to a Relevant Life Plan, not only does the planholder get an upfront discount and any cashback – they also have the opportunity to receive premium discounts if their employees engage with Vitality. Meanwhile, employees receive the discounts and rewards!

Find out more about our rewards

Where to next?

Our business solutions can help give your client reassurance.

  • Key Person Cover

    Gives your clients a payment to help protect their profits if an employee dies or suffers a serious illness.

  • Core Cover

    Our core cover products form the basis of our innovative business protection solutions.

  • Shareholder and Partnership Protection

    Gives your clients a lump sum so they can keep control of the business if a shareholder or a business partner dies or suffers a serious illness.

  • Business Loan Protection

    Gives your clients a payment to repay business loans if a shareholder or a business partner dies or suffers a serious illness.

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