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Non-medical limits


Important information

This information is factually correct as at December 2023, however limits may be subject to change in the future.

The evidence we need is based on age next birthday and cover amount. 

Medical requirements

By cover level


The type of evidence required 

  • GPR -General Practitioners Report
  • VNS - Vitality Nurse Screening
  • FP - Finger Prick Test for cholesterol and glucose (if this is abnormal we will require a venous blood sample)
  • COT - Cotinine Test (for non-smokers only)
  • TYPE A - Venous Vitality Blood Screen for kidney function, cholesterol, liver function and glucose
  • MER - Medical Examination (usually completed by a Doctor)
  • HAEM - Blood Haematology (venous blood test)
  • BCH - Blood Biochemistry (venous blood test)
  • EXECG - Exercise Electrocardiogram
  • PSA -Prostate Specific Antigen (male applicants only)
  • HIV - Human immunodeficiency virus antibody test
  • NTPRO* -NT-proBNP cardiac blood test

*We reserve the right to obtain EXECG in place of, or in combination with, NTPRO on occasion.

Financial requirements

We will take into account any existing cover when deciding what financial information we need.

*Even though we do not have automatic requirements at some levels, we may still ask for additional information in certain circumstances.

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